Modern manicure not always involves a long and tedious procedure. More and more designers prefer convenient and compact marker for nails. These markers help to rationalize the process design of nails.
Маркер для ногтей3,
Markers for nail allow you to create a completely different style images. For example, for the image vamp enough to draw on the French manicure nail in a bright red color that matches the dress and shoes. Perfectly complement the style lacoste perfume.

The essence and types of markers for nail Markers for nail constructively represent a permanent marker, which as filler has a special color. Filler for such markers is an acrylic varnish, water-based, which increases its ecological compatibility and safety to the consumer.

Such markers are divided into Kolerova and corrective. Tokens are a few tips that can maximally comfortable performing art items of different complexity. Working with markers is based on the principle of permanent marker. Varnish is delivered to the tip of the selected attachments by clicking the button. This allows to dose out the required number coloring varnish. Corrective token contains liquid varnish remover, so in case of necessity to correct done drawing, you only have to spend in the right place marker. Tip corrective token presented in the form of brushes, with which by means of wet wipes deleted excess of varnish.
Маркер для ногтей
Markers for nail open new border creative design of manicure and pedicure, increasing the efficiency of the process. Making a choice in favor of new and modern means, get maximum results in a short time.

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