Money does not happen much, they are always a little. However, to some people they almost themselves «go in hand», while others need to days to plow, to make these hard-earned money. Money have your memory and your character. They should be treated with respect, and, as luck should be brought.

From ancient times until we got cash talismans and magic rituals to attract money. Some of them we now share.
Талисманы для привлечения денег1
1) talismans can bring the owner quick money. For this it is only necessary to choose a stone which will sign of the zodiac. Of stones, bringing money, most effective: agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, Topaz, ruby, and Jasper. And plus, the decoration of these stones, very stylish look.

2) Money tree is one of the most famous mascot, which attracts money. Only for a tree to «work», it is necessary to observe some magic rules:

- money tree can’t be bought
You need to nip off a pair of leaves in the house of rich friends. Or ask a bone.
building process needs to be put in the water, while he did not take root. And then transplanted into the pot of soil
- best plant «works»in the South-Eastern side of the apartment
the tree must-take care, keep it in a clean and orderly manner.

3) Cash mascot under the carpet.
In front of the door to put a rug, preferably green or red. Under the rug put a large bill. This will ensure a continuous flow of money in your apartment.

4) In your wallet, you should always have a piece of paper red color, that had money.

5) Draw money. How much to so many, and paint. And they will come. Appear exactly in such numbers as shown.
Талисманы для привлечения денег2
6) Cash talismans can make with our own hands. This can be bags of stones and herbs, borrowing money; glomes of coins, suspended by the green natural threads;

The thing is to believe that all the talismans work, and money will strive and strive in your wallet!

Article publication date: October 31, 2013

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