Маша ЦигальAbout Masha Tsigal as a prominent personality in the mode of talking long before the on the horizon appeared the creators of democratic fashion Sultan Frantsuzova and Evgenia Ostrovskaya and more than ten years before the appearance of stars Ulyana Sergeenko, which became one of the persons of the modern Russian fashion industry in the West. But it is difficult to put in one row with one or another of the famous couturier from Russia, because Masha Tsigal though our in Vogue she was not incidental, but in a roundabout way. And what she did for several years, cannot be called a fashion in its pure form.


The girl from a good family

Masha Tsigal typical decent family, and with such a pedigree she probably couldn’t do anything else except the creativity associated with the design. Her grandmother was the author of the famous Soviet poster «do Not talk!», my grandfather is a sculptor, my father was a sculptor, my mother is an artist. Set in a pleasant ambience from childhood focused Masha to the development of their creative abilities, but drawing she did not love. She liked the skill of dressing, which she successfully used for sewing of clothes and home decoration. Where else could do a girl from such a family? Of course, the famous Stroganov school of art, which отшлифовала would her nature and directed in the right channel of a нерастраченную energy. At the Institute it was only thanks to their names and after a while she realized that academic education at all – it’s not what she needs. Moreover, there were nineties, and for a young girl, which was an arbitrary character, were better things to do boring lectures at the art University.


An alternative path

Маша ЦигальTsigal threw Stroganov Institute, leading to a conflict with parents, leaving unruly daughter without all support. Masha did not upset her with open arms took the Moscow rave party, full kitsch characters, among which she felt like a fish in water. 1995 hundred turning point in the life Tsigal: acquaintance with Andrey Bartenev stimulates girl on creativity, which translates in debut collection of records. It was a strange unity of music and fashion models were dressed in bizarre «outfits», created from molten vinyl records. The collection was demonstrated in Moscow trendy club «Hermitage», and, of course, the next day, Masha Tsigal woke up famous.

Whether неносибельную collection created by a girl from circles of the creative elite, accustomed to such surveys is an interesting question. Someone believes that Tsigal overestimated, and that her design abilities are rather disputable. Who of us in childhood haven’t experimented with flexible and pliable plates? would you all are considered talented couturier? But Mary continued to develop, despite disapproving reviews. The more that she understood that her first steps were undertaken under art projects that are very far from practical fashion, to bark, she came later.

Further happened collection «Favorites of the moon» outrageous Gothic motifs, and the clothes of the line «Эксгибиционисты» was entirely appropriate to wear. Masha realized that she was interesting to be the designer and create things, not shocking construction of improvised materials. Polished skill Tsigal London College of Fashion, and in 2003 was born of her personal brand Masha Tsigal.


Masha Tsigal today

Маша ЦигальCollection by Masha Tsigal for a long time were on the verge between the sports fashion and style casual. Designer loves bright colors and printed prints that are always embellish her spring-summer and autumn-winter collection. In addition to his famous corduroy sports clothing, Masha produces romantic girl’s dress with floral prints, moreover, does not leave without attention and more adult women, which offers beautiful evening dresses for secular outputs of shining fabric. Under the brand Masha Tsigal issued women’s, men’s and children’s lines.

Recognising the designer there is a mixture of style of her outfits more Mature. Funny plush suits as the only Association with the brand, remain in the past, comes to the fore femininity and elegance. Collection of Masha Tsigal autumn-winter 2013-2014 inspired by the style of the seventies, which is manifested in soft lines, wide-brimmed hats, long dresses with deep V-neck.

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