маска для сужения пор на лицеEnlarged pores look untidy and ugly, the relief of the skin is broken, the face looks older. To get rid of this defect can not only through expensive treatments in the beauty salon. In most cases, a homemade mask for large pores on the face at home may be no less effective than salon treatments.


Enlarged pores: causes

Enlarged pores are considered to be one of the signs of age. Over the years, the skin produces less collagen, becomes less elastic, and this leads to the fact that the diameter of the pores increases. In addition, enlarged pores typical of oily skin, including in adolescence. Sometimes a large pore diameter genetically. Finally, this defect may occur due to inept skin care.

For example, to increase the pores can lead insufficiently thorough cleansing of the skin. Sometimes this defect arises as a result of the abuse of thermal treatments. Fascination with rough scrubs traumatic particles can also cause the pores will increase.

In large pores easily gets dirty. There are excellent conditions for breeding of germs and bacteria and to inflammation, acne. Naturally, the face starts to look not the best way.

Typically, enlarged pores occur on oily areas of the skin most commonly on the nose, sometimes on the chin and forehead. In this situation it is advisable to ensure that these areas special care to slightly pull the pores and prevent them from increasing in the future.


Home procedures

идеальная маска, сужающая поры на лицеBeauticians offer many ways of dealing with this defect, as enlarged pores. Gentle types of facial cleansing, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion and chemical peels – the options are countless. But not everyone has the opportunity to regularly go to beauty salons. In addition, often after salon treatments required more or less long period of rehabilitation, and the luxury of a few days to sit at home, not appearing on the people in our time can not afford everything. Also treatments in the salon can have many contraindications, and the cost of such procedures is generally quite high.

Of course, there are times when only a professional beautician might solve the problem. But if enlarged pores on the face have appeared recently, with this trouble it is possible to fight and independently. Home treatments can be as effective as salon, it is important to follow certain rules, so as not to hurt yourself:

  • Skin needs regular care, and struggle with enlarged pores , too. The use of special tools designed to solve this problem should be ongoing, not episodic. So, the mask of pore suggest that you apply at least once a week, and ideally 1-2 days. Tonic and cleanser can be used daily;
  • Means for tightening pores should be applied only after a thorough cleaning of the skin. Otherwise, when the pores will decrease, all caught in them pollution will remain inside. It is fraught with inflammatory processes;
  • Most of the tools of pore designed for oily skin and has, accordingly, a defatting effect. The risk to overdry the skin is quite large, so you should use such masks and tonics with maximum accuracy;
  • Applying a tightening means, you need not forget about the constant hydration. It is desirable to use moisturizers and masks with minimum oil content.


Masks for porous skin

домашняя маска, сужающая поры лицаIs there an ideal mask tightens pores on your face? Of course, there is no such thing as the needs of the skin is always individual. Sometimes it is worth to try a few recipes of masks to find one that fits optimally: will, on the one hand, pull the pores and will not overdry the skin.

The composition of the homemade masks are usually very simple, and for their preparation requires the most simple products. However, such masks are considered to be no less effective than industrial production. The main advantage of such funds – absolute naturalness. No preservatives, fragrances, stabilizers, only natural organic is the motto of home remedies.

Typically, as the tightening component in such masks are acids, found in vegetable products. Sometimes fruits or vegetables are turned into mashed and applied on the face, and sometimes just wipe the face with a berry or a slice of cucumber. To care for porous skin are particularly recommended products such as:

  • The tomatoes. Sour tomato juice tones the skin, improves the complexion, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and contributes to the contraction of the pores;
  • The lemons. Lemon juice effectively tightens pores, but also severely dry skin. It is best to dilute the juice with water or use lemon oil, which is less pronounced degreasing effect;
  • The cranberry. Cranberry juice is no less effective than lemon. It also dries the skin, so it’s best to use it in diluted form or as an additive to other masks;
  • Currant and cherry. Summer berries are ideal for oily, porous and loose skin. You just need to wipe the face of juice and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The skin is visibly posvizhiye will look soft and smooth, pores are reduced in size;
  • The cucumber. This vegetable consists almost entirely of water, which means that it has excellent moisturizing properties. Cucumber gently whitens the skin, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and helps tighten enlarged pores.

In addition to vegetables and fruits for packaging, and it is good to use a mask with whipped egg whites and yeast mask. Yeasts have astringent properties and also nourishes the skin with vitamins. You just need to dilute them with water to the consistency of sour cream, then apply to clean skin for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Egg whites whipped with the addition of an acidic juice (lemon, cranberry, bilberry, cherry, orange) and is applied to the porous areas. After the mask dries, it can be gently removed and put on face moisturizer.

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