Красивые ногти – результат правильного ухода фото | Красивые ногти – результат правильного ухода

Beautiful nails – the result of the correct care

Sometimes the woman’s hands betrayed the age issue of its owner. They all can remember and Laundry manually, and washing the dishes without rubber gloves, and digging in the garden… From improper care skin aging prematurely, and nails become brittle and fragile. Extend your hands and nails done shiny and beautiful will help masks of domestic manufacture.

Peculiarities of nutrition of nails

To the nails were beautiful and healthy, you need to eat, enriching the diet of food rich in fats and proteins (exactly this component is fully absorbed by the body vitamins E, D, and K). Because of this, if you are on a strict diet and do not accept additional vitamin-mineral complex, your nails will become thin and brittle.

Also, pay attention to their health. Remember that the point of the nails and delamination of the plates is clear signs of chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular system.

Yes, and several times a week do masks for nail: the cosmetic products will provide them with adequate nutrition from the outside and give the nails a splendid view.

Ten effective masks for nail:

Лимон – замечательное средство для ногтей фото | Лимон – замечательное средство для ногтей

Lemon – a wonderful tool for nail

  1.  Pepper mask. The fact is that the bitter pepper has long been considered a means of «number one» of increased fragility of the nails, and therefore prepared on the basis of pepper cosmetic product will have a simply magical effect on the nail plates. For the preparation of pepper mask take 1 tsp crushed in a powder of red pepper and mix 1 tsp of hand cream. The resulting slurry cover the nail plate and leave for 7-10 minutes.
  2.  Lemon mask. Lemon wonderful strengthens weakened nails and gives them elasticity. You can lubricate the nail plate of fresh juice and leave this «mask» for 8-10 minutes. Or cut a little fruit into two parts and plug in the pulp fingers, and after 7-10 minutes pull it out and rinse with cool water. After such cosmetic procedures on the nail plate is recommended to apply a nourishing cream for hands.
    Воск для ногтей фото | Воск для ногтей

    Wax Polish

  3.  Olive oil for nails. For this cosmetic procedure, you need to prepare this cocktail: slightly warm water bath for 1-1,5 tablespoons of olive oil, then mix it with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Cover every nail plate in this mixture, put the gloves on and leave the mask on the night.
  4.  Wax Polish. Take a little wax and melt it in a water bath. After in the mixture lower the tips of your fingers, hold for a few minutes, then remove and put your hands down in the cool water. From top to wear cotton gloves and leave the mask on the night. To strengthen nails, do a similar procedure twice a week for six weeks in a row, your nails will become strong and healthy.
  5.  Iodine salt – magic mix nail. In a glass of warm water, add a few drops of iodine and 1 tablespoon of sea salt. Mix the components of this cocktail and apply it on the nails. Later 20-23 minutes rinse hands with cool water.
  6.  Banana, cabbage mask for nails. Take a sheet of white cabbage and 1/3 pulp of a ripe banana and grind in a blender. After the resulting mush enrich 1 tsp of honey and 1 teaspoon of cream. Mask apply to the nail plate and hold during 23-25 minutes, and then remove the tool dipped in milk swab.
    Оливковое масло для ноготков фото | Оливковое масло для ноготков

    Olive oil for nails

  7.  Jelatinova mask. The main component of this cosmetic wonderful strengthens weakened nails and nourishes them. Dissolve in a glass of boiling water 1/2 tbsp gelatin. Cool solution to a comfortable temperature and immerse the hands on 12-15 minutes. If this procedure you will perform three times a week, your nails will Shine health.
  8.  Milk for nails. In order to saturate the nail plate calcium, periodically milk baths. This procedure looks like this: heat the milk to a comfortable temperature and lower in his hands. Later 13-15 minutes rinse hands with running water.
  9.  Nutritious «bomb» for nails. Mix in equal parts vitamin E and A (in liquid form), then the resulting tool grate the nail plate. Such «vitamins» you can perform it every night.
  10.  Egg yolk health of nails. Hard boil one egg, then separate the white from the yolk. Mix the egg yolk with a little oil and beeswax. The resulting tool RUB in the nail plate and leave overnight.

Folk remedies, which give a hand skin silky and beauty:

  •  Natural honey. Believe me, honey is able to work wonders: it tones the skin, nourishes it, makes it supple and beautiful. Usually consisting of honey masks present vegetable oil (ideally olive oil and lemon juice.

    Желатиновая маска фото | Желатиновая маска

    Jelatinova mask

  •  White clay. This product was whitens the skin and rejuvenates it. One of the variants of masks: mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of white clay, 1 tsp glycerin and 1 tablespoon crushed into flour, oat flakes. It is a cosmetic product put on the night and morning wash.

Essential oils for health of nails

Darkened and exfoliating nails can be rehabilitated with the help of fragrant cocktail consisting of several drops of essential oil of thyme and of the same amount of lemon essential oil. RUB it in the nail plate and keep 15-17 minutes.

If you want to whiten your nails, do it with a mixture of aromatic oils of grapefruit, rosemary and lemon.

But the essential oils of tea tree, rosemary and sandalwood help fight inflammation of the skin of hands.

To return nails a transparency, grease them lemon eucalyptus cocktail.

Yes, but the essential oil of ylang ylang in pure form, and is often used for polishing the nails. It put on a special бафик and polished nails. In addition, this aromatic oil superbly protects nails, strengthens and restores.

Аромамасло geranium impart a healthy Shine to dull the nails a. And this tool is used to moisten the cuticle and prevent appearance of burrs.

Remember, your nails will always look amazing, if you will about them gently and carefully take care of.

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