маска от черных точекThe skin is constantly clogged pores needs special care, which includes a comprehensive approach with regular cleaning. Mask from blackheads is an integral cosmetic, without which it is impossible to imagine proper care of this skin. Effective mask from the black spots is not necessarily expensive, it can be homemade. It is important to include only those components that have proven ability to deeply cleanse the pores, narrowing them and preventing them from clogging in the future.


Homemade masks against black dots

Home to prepare the mask from comedones easy, but before there is a need to ensure that there are no damages.

Not always it is necessary to use home remedies and if there is acne in the active form.

Without knowing the specifics of this skin lesions, you can provoke even greater irritation exacerbating the condition of the skin.


Albuminous mask from blackheads

Egg white can be the basis of good basis for the mask, if your sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation and does not tolerate acids or aggressive mechanical particles. Egg mask from blackheads simply prepared: you need one protein and a tablespoon of sugar, which will be exfoliant. Stir until smooth and apply on the face of massaging in a circular motion, focusing on areas with comedones. Then leave the mask on the face before full drying. Sugar makes it sticky, and all the impurities of the skin, including skin particles and black points, you will wash away with warm water. If your skin is oily and tolerate acidic intervention, add a mask of a teaspoon of lemon juice. If the skin is dry and does not require power to enter into the composition of the spoon of olive oil.


Coal and gelatin from blackheads

маска от черных точекOn the basis of this product can be implemented in different masks gentle consistence, including the popular mask film, setting on the face and very effective from clogged pores. Gelatinous mask from blackheads good for Mature dry skin, as this component is a product of processing of collagen animal origin, and this mask has a rejuvenating effect.

For preparation of a universal mask on the basis of gelatin need spoon gelatin and spoon milk, they stirred until a homogeneous mass which is heated on a water bath. After the mixture has cooled, it can add egg white. The mask is applied to the skin for 20-30 minutes, wash off with warm water. This mask film against black dots purifies and smoothes the skin, narrowing of pores.

Activated carbon possesses excellent adsorbing properties that allows it to pull the black point of the day.

Coal mask from blackheads will require you to enter only part of the previous mass pounded two tablets of activated charcoal. For best results, to put weight on the person you want while it is still moderately hot and only on the wings of the nose and chin. The mask is applied in a thick layer, removing after full drying.


Ready purifying mask from blackheads

Beautiful effect has Chinese mask from blackheads Black Head Ex Pore Strip. It consists of kaolin (white clay) and ash black – the two worst enemies clogged pores. This black beauty mass is applied on clean and completely dry skin and relieve formed Lenk in 10-15 minutes.

Good performance and low price have masks from blackheads from L’oreal, Garnier, Clean&Clear, Neutroena. These brands middle price segment release masks that can be used as a scrub and as a mask. The L’oreal this tool is Pure Zone, near the Garnier – Pure Active 3-in-1, Neutrogena – mask Blackhead Eliminating, Clean&Clear – Blackhead Clearing 2-to-1. Swedish brand Oriflame produces a mask from blackheads Pure Skin Blackhead Clearing.

For those who cannot get rid of enlarged pores on nose and permanent ferrous tubes may mask against black points of The Face Shop Black Head Ex. This brand produces alternative means of comedones called Volcanic Clay. This steaming gel mask for the face. At the brand Holika Holika there is an interesting black mask to remove blackheads on the nose. It is composed of volcanic ash, extracts of bamboo, black pearls and black beans.

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