With age the hands of women lose their appeal, but every woman wants to be beautiful and healthy appearance of their pens as long as possible. There are many creams for hands, which manufacturers promise to women excellent result. But the flip side of these creams is that for every woman, especially in adulthood, the components should be selected individually, and for all creams there is a certain set of components. A good alternative is the mask for hands, cooked at home.

Beautiful hands want to have all women, especially those who are engaged in needlework. Goods for needlework in Rostov-on-don to get very easily. Mask for hands can be easily prepared from ingredients that are in every home.
Маски для красоты кожи рук2
Olive oil and lemon juice have a positive effect on the skin, leaving it soft and beauty. To prepare the mask you want to mix these 2 components in equal proportions and massing movements put on the hands, focusing on every finger/

Vegetable oil moisturizes and smoothes the skin. By applying it on a steamed hands before going to sleep and to wear gloves cotton, already in the morning, the skin becomes noticeably more beautiful.
Маски для красоты кожи рук3
Essential oils have a positive effect on the skin, which began to be wrinkled folds. Best for these purposes to use oil of juniper, bergamot and lemon. A few drops each of these three oils to add to a heated to room temperature water. To improve the effect, there can also add a little sea salt. If you repeat this procedure every day for at least one week, your skin will be much fresher and healthier.

All masks for better hands to put in the evening, when all the works have been completed and hands can find peace and relaxation.

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