крем для массажаMassage without oil would not be as pleasant and relaxing as the oil provides the ease and smoothness of movements. Most massage practices requires the use of a specific “lubricant”, oil, cream, gel or lotion. Many masters of traditional massage oils prefer massage cream. Modern tools offer several advantages, which is useful to know.


The advantages of the cream for massage

The cream to massage a lot of advantages, in some of the creams are similar to lubricants, but in addition to this, massage cream and there are a number of very unique advantages.

Massage cream provides perfect glide, no additional lubricant massage can be not only uncomfortable, but even painful. Cream massage therapist, by moving, not making unnecessary efforts. Using the cream, the specialist may adjust a level of depth and friction effects on tissues, more intense movements used in deep tissue massage, light strokes for a relaxing massage or training.

Compared to traditional massage oils and lotions thicker texture of massage cream allows you to use the latter in a more economical mode.

The massage cream not only saves time for frequent re-application, in addition to this cream will be cheaper than oil, so as to buy it too often is not necessary.

Massage cream is the perfect moisturizer, when applied on the skin and massage the cream creates a protective barrier, not allowing precious moisture to evaporate. The retention of moisture in cells skin is important at any time of year, especially in winter, when the skin is more inclined to dryness and flaking. There are creams for massage, enriched with extra nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

Massage cream does not stain, so after the massage, nor a massage therapist, nor the client does not have to get rid of the oil of spoiled sheets or towels. That towels are easier to wash out and always look fresh and clean is beneficial to all.


How to choose the perfect massage cream

To begin with, determine what you would like to receive from creams for massage, and on the other hand, make a list of qualities that you wouldn’t want to see in this tool. A variety of creams for massage quite large, so before you make a purchase, it is better to clearly understand what kind of product you need, additional wetting or without a certificate of organic composition, or without it, with analgesic effect or without and so on. Having defined the requirements to perfect your presentation in the cream for massage, you will be able to narrow the field of search and more quickly find a desired option.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, you find fully acceptable to you and your clients massage cream, regularly use it and buying a new bottle, often take a couple more for future use. No matter how good your favorite massage cream, from time to time should be changed. A variety of creams for massage is constantly updated with worthy attentions novelties, do not deprive yourself and your clients fun to try something new. To move to the new cream is better with the onset of the new season, summer is better to use creams with a light texture, and in winter replace them with thicker creams, perhaps with the additional warming effect.

In search of the perfect massage cream is very useful to interview friends, acquaintances, colleagues, to know creams which brands they use, what brands your customers prefer, if you’re a serious massage, try regularly monitor customer feedback and reviews of novelties on the Internet.

In my massage practice, try to use high quality creams, preferably from the series of organic cosmetics, free of parabens and other undesirable ingredients.

Even the best cream in some people can cause adverse reactions, headaches, allergies and so on. The skilled massage therapists at any level is recommended to have in the Arsenal of a few creams, including neutral and hypoallergenic option.

Try to avoid creams with a content of extracts of nuts. Food Allergy is a very common thing, and nuts – one of the main allergens. Despite the fact that most cases of Allergy associated with the use of nuts in food, causing the skin creams with a content of nut oils, nut extracts or extracts may also cause an allergic reaction. Of course, in addition to nut allergies can be caused by other components of the creams, for example, milk proteins or egg, therefore, the safest choice would be cream with a hypoallergenic formula.

Special attention should be paid to the content of the fragrances in the cream, that is his smell. At especially sensitive to certain odors of people one or another flavor, synthetic or natural, can cause adverse reactions, it can be headaches, nausea and even rashes on the skin. Creams for massage with a neutral scent or no pronounced odor in this case is the safest option.

When selecting a massage cream also pay attention to the content in its composition of mineral oils, alcohols and parabens. These components are most often the main culprits of skin irritation, so it is best to in your favorite massage cream they were not.


Top creams for massage

  • Biotone Dual Purpose Creme – this cream is used by many people massage therapists. Experts describe the consistency of the cream as something between a cream and massage oil, this product is suitable for massage of the whole body, including the face. The cream has a soft, non-greasy texture contains extracts of ivy and Arnica to stimulate the circulation and relieve inflammation.
  • Soothing Touch Versa Creme is also, like the previous participant of our top, does not contain parabens and can be used for massaging even the most delicate and sensitive skin. There are two versions of cream Versa: the original and the cream is odorless. This cream can be used not only in massage practices, but simply as a moisturizing cream for dry skin.
  • Bon Vital – Multi Purpose Creme – “pet” professional massage therapists. This lightweight and non-greasy, paraben-free, has no odor, but it includes the whole complex is good for your skin ingredients: organic jojoba oil, purified water, vitamin a, provitamin B, sesame oil, vitamin E, avocado oil and grape seed oil.

Of course, talk about all the creams, worthy of attention, is impossible, but today the range of products for massage, for both professional and Amateur, are very wide, so that, given an order, you will definitely find a cream that will meet all your requirements.

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