To the master of manicure to create an entire art composition on the nail plates of the client, you need not only the ability to draw. First and foremost, what kind of paint uses the Creator. Popular today, as well as quality are acrylic, and then any nail design will be able to perform. Regardless of the type of surface, coloring components give rise to a whole range of rich colors, and there are about two thousand shades. In the paint composition is ordinary water, concentrated pigment and viscous acrylic resin. Applied to the nails pictures almost do not change, because it is not influenced by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and is water resistant to various kinds of liquid.
Шедевральные картины – украшение ногтевой пластины
The advantage of acrylic paints over analogues undoubtedly there is a quick-drying, crack, have a long shelf-life, without problems are mixed, can be transparent, translucent and completely cover the previous color, not diluting it. The only thing to be feared if you have long nails using acrylic paint, this low temperature. Original womens bracelets on manicured hands look just gorgeous. In its original form the consistency of acrylic paint like oily liquid. Such a property of the working material gives the nail technician is a great opportunity. Beautiful patterns will be borne by the nail, forming the shape which sets the brush.
Шедевральные картины – украшение ногтевой пластины1
If an experienced Creator to make some effort, we can achieve unsurpassed results, using acrylic paint with the addition of structural gel. This combination creates a very juicy view colours and deeper shades radiating the complex gradations. Technique sliding requires master clear understanding, in what proportions it is necessary to mix the components, to get a rich color palette.

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