матирующий крем для жирной кожиThe owners of oily skin in any season are experiencing the need of special care, which will combine several characteristics. First, it is a quality hydration, which is necessary for every type of skin, and secondly, control the appearance of skin that has been appearing consistently throughout the day without special additives to prevent this. Mattifying cream for oily skin prevents Shine by regulating the activity of sebaceous glands throughout the day, moisturizing and protecting the skin.


Cream-light Normal Balance (Belita)

крем-лайт Normal Balance BelitaBelarusian brand Belita in its line for oily skin Normal Balance offers a light cream-light with a matte effect. The cream contains extracts of yeast and horse chestnut, zinc gluconate, providing the perfect Sebo-regulating effect, lemongrass, eliminates oily Shine and refreshing the skin, calendula has antiseptic action. Also the cream contains Sabail, caffeine, vitamins PP, B5, H. the Tool can be used as a makeup base.


Cream Matte perfection” (Nivea Visage)

крем Матовое совершенство Nivea VisageVersatile day cream for oily and combination skin with a moisturizing effect that preserves the skin Mat all day. The product contains a sunscreen that does not clog the skin, not in the composition of the oils, so suited to care even for problem skin with acne. Apply in the morning, effectively moisturizes and refreshes the skin, can serve as a makeup base.


Mattifying day cream (Farmasi)

матирующий дневной крем FarmasiCream for oily skin brand Farmasi has excellent bactericidal and antiseptic properties due to the content of tea tree oil. It has light astringent and astringent effect on the pores, regulating the activity of sebaceous glands, not allowing bacteria to multiply and keep your skin looking fresh and preventing greasy Shine.

The cream is suitable for use on skin with acne, does not clog pores, treats inflammatory elements, relieves irritation and redness. The cream formula contains no oils.


Mattifying cream (Lactimilk)

матирующий крем от LactimilkMattifying cream from Lactimilk like all cosmetics of the brand operates on the basis of milk acid that are beneficial to irritated dehydrated skin, transforming her. In addition to deep hydrate oily and combination skin, the cream soothes her, giving a velvety matte look. The complex of probiotics improves metabolic processes in the skin at the cellular level, so that the beauty comes from the inside, as her deep recovery. For seboregulating and matte meets the white tea extract.


Cream-gel Pure Focus (Lancôme)

крем-гель Pure Focus LancômeFrench luxury brand Lancôme cares about perfection and the matte coating is not only young, but also Mature skin. Its cream-gel Pure Focus is designed especially for aging skin that is prone to Shine. The tool has a double effect – Sebo-regulating and rejuvenating. Innovative system Dermo-Guide allows aiming to influence the source of sebum, keeping the beauty and matte skin throughout the day. Gel-cream contains seaweed extract, which fights for the renewal of youthful skin and reducing the signs of aging.


Cream for oily skin All Day Balance (Gosh)

крем All Day Balance GoshDanish brand Gosh began its history as a pharmaceutical brand that today allows it to produce high-quality cosmetic products to solve skin problems. Cream for oily skin All Day Balance can be applied morning and evening as a universal care for skin prone to rashes and the appearance of greasy Shine. The cream moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and gives the skin a nice matte look. The tool is hypoallergenic, has no artificial fragrances and colorants, so ideal for use on irritated hypersensitive skin.


Cream for oily skin (Methode Jeanne Piaubert)

крем для жирной кожи от Methode Jeanne PiaubertFrench brand Methode Jeanne Piaubert cream offers adapted to all the needs of oily skin. It moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, keeping in moisture, protects from aggressive environment and ultraviolet light, well-matarua and not allowing them to stand out skin fat, which spoils the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

The effectiveness of the cream is provided in two ways. Complex Aqualance provides the skin with deep hydration and gives it a freshness. Extract Multiflora Rose is fighting for the preservation of sebum of the skin, regulating the activity of sebaceous glands.


Regulating cream (Payot)

регулирующий крем PayotCream Payot is suitable even for very oily skin thanks to its balanced formula with the contents of the caring components of the multidimensional impact. First of all, this cream will help the owners of oily skin prone to easy irritation and occurrence of rashes, clogged pores and other imperfections inherent problem skin.

The cream is also known as cleansing, as it has property to excrete toxins, purify the pores, making the skin smooth, fresh and hydrated. The formula of the cream protects the skin from free radicals, prolonging youth and beauty, and fight the appearance of oily Shine.


Moisturizer Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturiser (Mary Kay)

крем Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturiser Mary KayIn today’s cosmetic market is not so many creams for Mature skin with a matte effect. Typically, funds from the anti-age have high nutritional properties and ability to provide a liftingeffect, but the problem of greasy Shine with age in a lot continues to be urgent, and it should be addressed.

Brand Mary Kay produces a moisturizer with a matte effect for oily and combination skin types. It absorbs quickly, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, smoothes out wrinkles, evens out skin tone and texture, leaving it soft and silky.

Apply in the morning on cleansed face. To use the tool, after 30-35 years of age for the prevention and combating age-related changes.

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