матирующий тональный кремMattifying cream allows you to keep your skin flawless throughout the day. Mattifying cream Foundation evens out the complexion, gives the skin a Matt appearance, reduces the pores and makes it softer.


Types of matting tools

Most mattifying creams contain silicone and have a thick texture. The silicone tightens dilated pores, smoothes out wrinkles and eliminates skin imperfections.

Mattifying tinted cream is suitable for mixed and oily skin types. The cream is not suitable for dry skin type, as it makes it dry and cause peeling.

There are either just a matte Foundation or mattifying cream with smoothing effect. To choose a good mattifying cream, check out its composition (it needs to be paraben-free) and the texture (it must be in the form of transparent gel).


Features use matte Foundation

Mattifying concealer is applied before make-up on the same principle as the Foundation. Prolonged use matting cream can lead to dry skin on the nose, the chin and the cheeks, but also cause little pimples.

Before applying cream, apply a mattifying moisturizer for face morning and evening after removing makeup. In the event the rash appears, stop using the cream.

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