матирующий тональный кремMattifying cream Foundation is vital not only to the owners of oily and combination skin. In the summer, when makeup literally flows on the face, exposing all the flaws, it becomes a need and those who have normal skin. Dry skin can also be needed is a tool, which will not dry out, but will not turn the face into an oily mass.

If you want to forget about the problems of skin imperfections and provide a smooth beautiful complexion at any time of the year, pick the best mattifying cream Foundation in the category of mass-market or among the brands of luxury cosmetics.


Inexpensive mattifying creams

крем Eveline MATT & CoverFoundation with a matte effect Eveline may like girls who appreciate beauty products with minerals, but can not spend on expensive formulas a lot of money. Cream Matt & Cover according to the manufacturer retains a matte finish to the skin for 16 hours. It has a light creamy texture, absorbs quickly, smoothly on the skin surface, hiding the imperfection, leaving it soft and velvety. Its formula with special microdiscectomy adapts perfectly to the natural skin tone and allows her to breathe. This Foundation will not lie on his face an impenetrable mask and ensure a sustainable makeover with smooth skin.

  • Maybelline AffiniMat “Perfect tone”

крем Maybelline AffiniMatFoundation Maybelline loved by plenty of girls all over the world for its excellent ratio of price-quality and a wide range of funds, including tone. Means AffiniMat “Perfect tone” like many girls that it is possible to find shades for very fair skin that it incurs and completely merge with the natural colors, adapting to it, matte skin continues for up to 8-10 hours. Makeup Foundation large covering and masking ability, which, coupled with a matte effect cream makes one of the best for girls with oily skin with severe imperfections.

крем L’Oréal Mat MagiqueInnovation of the French brand, L’oréal appreciated by girls who are experiencing problems because of oily sheen on the face, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort throughout the day. Cream Mat Magique provides the skin a uniform coating and masking of skin imperfections. Possessing stunning light texture and unique particles Micro-Velvet, he melts into the skin, leaving it pleasantly velvety and matte for ten hours. The lineup includes 8 shades of cream.

  • Lumene Natural Code Matt perfection

крем Lumene Natural Code Matt perfectionThis Foundation Finnish brand Lumene belongs to series Skin Perfector, this means that its primary purpose is to make the skin perfect, erasing from the face of the shortcomings, controlling the appearance of oily Shine, perfectly matarua the skin. Cream Lumene combines mattifying features with moisturizing, which is not often found in cosmetics class mass market. You can not be afraid that your skin will be too dry. In line 5 shades.

  • Max Factor Lasting Performance

крем Max Factor Lasting PerformanceConcealer Max Factor has long been a legend among the connoisseurs of affordable tools for effective matting skin and makeup that lasts all day. The cream formula includes the lightest silicone particles, allowing him to stay on the skin throughout the day without clogging pores, leaving skin perfectly matte.


Creams luxury brands

крем Chanel Mat LumièreTonal fluid Chanel solves many skin problems that hinder successful makeover, continuing the whole day. It moisturizes the skin perfectly covers flaws but does not clog pores and allows it to breathe. Unlike many other Foundation that, together with the matting, dried skin, Chanel Mat Lumière evenly courting her, keeping flawless makeup throughout the day.

крем Clinique Stay MatteCream oil free (oil-free), suitable for oily, combination oily skin with severe imperfections, dullness, redness, acne. This cream blends in perfectly with skin, adapting to its natural shade, so there is no mask effect, but there is a thick coating which completely hides skin imperfections, leaving skin perfectly matte for the entire day.

  • Lancôme Teint Idole Silky Mat

крем Lancôme Teint Idole Silky MatDignity Foundation Teint Idole Silky Mat in light weightless coverage, which is almost imperceptible on the skin. The cream provides the face mask matte coating that completely blends with the skin tone, tightens pores, does not dry the skin and protects it from UV-rays by using a SPF filter.

  • Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet

крем Make Up For Ever Mat VelvetMake Up Forever is the most famous brand of cosmetics, which is often used in professional makeup, including for photography. To ensure long-lasting matte coverage and tone that will stay on the skin for several hours, developed a cream Mat Velvet, which has a number of advantages over other means of the same price category.

The cream does not contain oil, so ideal for use for problem skin with acne. It is waterproof and does not float with persons at high humidity and even if you get caught in the rain. The range of Foundation 22 includes shade that will allow girls to choose a remedy for your skin tone.

  • Estée Lauder Ideal Matte

крем Estée Lauder Ideal MatteCream powder Ideal Matte works well for creating smooth, flawless matte tone and lasting makeup for Mature women. The tool has a finest melting texture, the cream souffle texture upon contact with the skin crumbles into a fine powder, eliminates imperfections, disguises wrinkles, not allowing oily gloss to exude during the day. Contains SPF 8, has anti-inflammatory property.

The cream has a microscopic light-reflecting particles that create a glowing effect to the skin, which is often lacking dull and aging skin.

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