матирующий кремMattifying cream is a tool necessary in the makeup of not only the owners of oily and combination skin. In the midst of the summer heat this cream may be needed for everybody, even for those who have dry skin. Funds with a matte effect have a different texture, can be moisturizing, nourishing, refreshing, having in its composition vitamin complexes, anti-aging supplements and other nutrients that solve complex problems in the skin. Selecting the cream with a matte effect, always pay attention to the list of other properties that will help your skin to keep beauty and healthy look throughout the day.

Here are 10 mattifying creams, among which you can find the tool on your budget and the needs of the skin.


Mattifying moisturizer Diademine

Матирующий увлажняющий крем DiademineDaytime moisturizer brand Diademine aimed at the solution of problems peculiar to owners of combination skin. This skin has an increased greasiness on the forehead, nose and chin, and dryness with flaking on the cheeks. The cream is designed for universal day care, it hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth, silky-matte, not allowing a greasy Shine to emerge throughout the day. Light texture is quickly absorbed nutrition the skin, protects it from ultraviolet radiation and corrosive environment, can serve as an excellent base for makeup.


Mattifying cream Baikal Herbals

Матирующий крем Baikal HerbalsMattifying moisturizer from Russian Baikal Herbals brand will appeal to lovers of local products and herbal cosmetics. The cream contains extracts of plants growing in this unique natural area, among them forest oil Jasmine extract of thyme, extract of Baikal skullcap, organic calendula extract, organic lemon balm, organic thyme extract. The cream has a gentle melting texture and light floral and berry aroma. It moisturizes and mattifies, soothes irritation, redness, tightens pores, nourishes the skin with vitamins and excellent tones.


Gel cream Sebium Bioderma Mat

Крем-гель Sebium Mat BiodermaBioderma Sebium Mat Anti-shine Fluid gel-cream is not only a cosmetic effect absorption of sebum, but also with wonderful healing properties. In the course of using this cream in the skin are activated metabolic processes, it becomes healthier, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, reduces the risk of rashes and clogged pores. Due to the presence of the cream contains light-reflecting particles after application the skin is transformed, becomes smooth and velvety, and the dulling effect is maintained up to seven hours.


Moisturizing matifying fluid Caudalie

Увлажняющий матирующий флюид CaudalieFrench brand of organic cosmetics Caudalie offers a light moisturizer-oil-free fluid with matting effect. As part of the means grape water Eau de raisin bio, patented vinodrai Vinolevure, the extract of the leaves of Java tea and Flaxseed powderthat gives skin a natural matte finish and can appear greasy luster. The fluid nourishes the skin with moisture and vitamins, locking them inside and not allowing them to stand out Giroud. The cream-fluid does not contain fats.


Mattifying cream Mavalia

Матирующий крем MavaliaMoisturizer with a matte effect from Swiss brand Mavalia skin care holistically. It penetrates deep into the skin, restoring its moisture balance, softening it and improving its elasticity. Pleasant moments of beauty – the narrowing of the pores and the total transformation of the skin with the smoothing of the topography, alignment tone and give a Matt finish. The cream is recommended for oily skin, apply morning.


Mattifying moisturizer Dr. Sea

Матирующий увлажняющий крем Dr. SeaConnoisseurs Israeli cosmetics and products based on dead sea should try the effectiveness of this mattifying moisturizer from the brand Dr. Sea. The cream contains Dead sea minerals, extracts of cucumber and algae, Dunaliella. It not only moisturizes and mattifies the skin but also nourishes it with vitamins and minerals which have a positive impact on its protective properties and its beauty. In addition to the products of marine origin, the cream contains a lot of extracts of plants, including papaya, Shea butter, ginger, tomato, carrot, vanilla, cocoa, peach, lemon, orange.

The cream is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy Shine, mattifies the skin, freshens and removes puffiness, which often characteristic of the skin in the morning.


Mattifying cream c toning effect Logona

Матирующий крем c тонирующим эффектом LogonaThis day cream contains a small percentage of mineral pigment that evens skin tone, allowing it to Shine with health and beauty and Shine-free throughout the day. Manufacturer of cream, a German brand Logona, the main active ingredients means – mint and witch hazel. In addition, the formula of the cream includes essential oils (jojoba, soy, pomegranate seed oil essential oils) that allows the cream to combine matte and toning properties with deep nutrition and hydration.

The cream is suitable for all skin types, it can be applied to the face, neck and décolletage.


Silk creme for Mature skin, Kanebo Sensai

крем для зрелой кожи Kanebo SensaiLuxury Japanese cosmetics brand Kanebo produces miraculous cream, giving a smooth Matt appearance of the skin in line to care Sensai. This tool is designed to care for Mature skin, which has already started to show the effects of age-related changes, but which also tend to Shine and imperfections in the tone.

This cream with an innovative formula transforms skin at the cellular level, moisturizing and nourishing, smoothing wrinkles, increasing radiance, eliminating Shine, not allowing him to speak during the day. This cream young cells are protected from the aggressive environment and the capacity of the old and tired is restored, the skin is charged with vitality and energy.


Nutritional matte cream Make It Mat (Afrodita)

матирующий крем Make It Mat (Afrodita)Cream Slovenian brand Afrodita has a complex effect, well nourishing the skin and not allowing it to excrete the fat throughout the day. The cream is available in the line of Young&Pure and is intended to allow regular care for young skin, which lacks power. Most creams for young problem skin moisturize it and refresh, but sometimes even such skin needs nutrition, for example, fall and winter.

Cream Mat Make It copes with the problems of young skin, with antiseptic effect, soothes, nourishes and moisturizes, but it does not clog. The formula contains no silicones, paraffins, parabens. Suitable for young skin of all types.


Mattifying cream Aloe Vera (Planter’s)

Матирующий крем Aloe Vera (Planter's)Aloe Vera has long been considered one of the best universal moisturizers for any skin type. This substance is the basis of the formula mattifying moisturizer Italian brand vegetable Planter’s cosmetics designed for oily skin. In addition to the aloe Vera in the cream includes organic argan oil, citric acid, extract of laminaria saccharina extract, Imperata cylindrica root, thyme extract, complex of natural antioxidants.

This is a real find for lovers of herbal cosmetic products. The cream deeply hydrates the skin and regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, making it healthy and maintaining a clean and matte throughout the day.

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