матирующий крем для лицаMattifying cream for face is required the holders of different skin types, not just oily and combination. These creams may be needed and the owners of normal skin during periods of summer heat, when cosmetics are literally flows, and the face looks very unaesthetic. Funds with a matte effect enough for every taste and budget, and you can easily pick up a suitable cream which will retain the feeling of comfort throughout the day and make your face smooth and velvety. Submitted 10 known mattifying creams for the face.


Cream matting Soft MED “Rosemary and salicylic complex” (Magrav)

крем Soft MEDThe cream of Russian production from the company “Magrav” intended primarily for those with problem skin on the face, with accompanying skin problems. It is well suited to adolescents and girls who suffer from irritated, hypersensitive skin with increased sebum secretion. Due to the content of salicylic acid cream has excellent antiseptic effect, rosemary also soothes the skin and treat inflammation. The cream when applied to the skin turns into loose powder.


Mattifying cream for oily skin with greasy luster MIA

матирующий крем MiaMia – another brand of cosmetics designed for the younger generation of problem-solving characteristic of young skin. Mattifying cream Mia is an inexpensive solution for young skin that suffers from increased sebum. It has an ultra-light texture, absorbs quickly and throughout the day keeps skin fresh and matte.


Mattifying cream gel Pure effect Control Shine (Nivea)

крем Pure effect Control Shine NiveaThis tool Nivea brand is available in the Youth series, designed for young skin. Cream-gel oil-free and won’t clog pores, apply it after you use tonic from the same series of the brand, and then distribute on the skin in a thin layer in circular motions. In addition to components for effective matting gel-cream contains sunscreens, protecting the skin from aggressive UV rays.


Matting and moisturizing cream-gel Uriage Hyseac Mat

крем Uriage Hyseac MatFrench brand specialized medical cosmetics Uriage offers a solution for matting the skin with complex characteristics. The cream contains Uriage thermal water, licorice extract and a complex of pore Pore refinyl. It not only allows skin to retain its freshness throughout the day, absorbing sebum, it moisturizes it, which is always necessary both dry and oily and combination skin and also tightens pores.


Mattifying cream-sorbet Garnier “life-giving hydration”

крем Garnier Живительное увлажнениеCream from Garnier is a perfect alternative to expensive drugs for a good frosting of the skin. It is suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin which is prone to increased secretion and mild irritation. The cream has in the formula of herbal elixir and green tea extracts with astringent, drying and antiseptic effect, ideal as a makeup base. The tool instantly absorbed into the skin and leaves it matte throughout the day, and the skin does not suffer from lack of moisture that is locked inside.


Mattifying BB cream 8 in 1 (Eveline Cosmetics)

матирующий BB Cream крем 8 в 1 Eveline CosmeticsThis cream will need to Shine on the face is not the only skin problem. Like all BB creams, this tool works for the benefit of the skin on all sides, improving skin texture, smoothing small wrinkles, transforming the complexion, protecting against UV rays, leaving skin smooth and velvety. The cream contains vitamin complex, collagen, firming, silk proteins.

The cream should be applied on an already hydrated skin, it can be used instead of a regular Foundation, if your skin is not necessary in serious disguise flaws.


Effaclar Mat la Roche Posay

крем Effaclar Mat la Roche PosayIf your skin needs not only in getting rid of greasy and high-quality matting, but in medical care, then pay attention to this cream French pharmacy brand la Roche Posay, which contains thermal water. This tool has a complex effect on the skin: moisturizes, matifies, inhibit sebum secretion, reduces inflammation and tightens enlarged pores. Especially emulsion effective when combined with other tools in this series are intended for medical care for oily irritated skin. Can be used at any time of the year, not just in hot weather.


Creme Matifiante Payot

Creme Matifiante PayotPayot – professional cosmetics brand, so it mattifying cream is suitable for those who is in search of elite funds. Gel-cream has oils in the formula, it moisturizes the skin and regenerates the lipid metabolism in the epidermis and restores its protective properties. The product contains green coffee extract, hyaluronate sodium, vitamin E and ceremony, through which cells are updated, neutralized free radicals, and reduces pores, evens the skin surface. The cream can be applied to the face morning and evening.


Normaderm Total Mat Vichy

крем Normaderm Total Mat VichyUniversal care product for oily skin with oily Shine offers a French pharmacy brand Vichy. When applied on the skin cream crumbles into thin micropure, absorbing excess sebum. This cream contains a high concentration of perlite, which is responsible for active absorbency of the composition, as well as the famous thermal water from the springs of Vichy.

Mattifying cream Vichy should be applied twice a day, the tool comedogenic, hypoallergenic, moisturizes and protects the skin for 24 hours.


Hydro Matifying Cream Declaré

крем Matifying Hydro Cream DeclaréThis mattifying moisturizer is a development of the Swiss cosmetologists who are concerned with creating tools for flawless skin without a hint of Shine. The cream can be used owners of any skin prone to Shine, it perfectly moisturizes, tightens pores, providing the skin with a beautiful smooth tone and a matte finish throughout the day.

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