Max FactorMax Factor cosmetics company was founded by max Factor that while still a boy of nine, showed remarkable propensity to create beauty.


Biography Of Max Factor

Max FactorMax was born in a poor Jewish family in the late 1870s. Financial difficulties forced the parents to give students max in to the local dentist, who concurrently was a paramedic. The human body, not in anatomical, and in more General aesthetic sense, the cause of max genuine interest that, in the end, led Factor to his first serious work – production of wigs and make-up for the artists of the Russian Opera.

According to Polish law, max Factor had to serve four years in the hospital service in the Russian army. The impossibility of doing расстраивала max, but during the service in the hospital, he learned much about the human body, and in particular about the peculiarities of the skin. Four years Max Factor opened his first store cosmetics, who traded a variety of creams and lotions for skin care, soon shop Factor has gained popularity among the Russian aristocracy. However, the larger competitors absorbed business Factors and he had to cooperate with other cosmetic companies quite beneficial for Polish conditions.

Max FactorIn 1904 the max Factor moved to the United States and in several years Max Factor becomes a key figure in the Hollywood glamour. It was at this time he founds her own cosmetics company Max Factor & Co, which is engaged in manufacturing theatrical make-up and innovative for the time cosmetics. Кинодивам cosmetics of max Factor relished, it was more natural and easier, than the beauty where they were before. Working in Hollywood, Max Factor and himself became a celebrity and earned a solo star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

The company max Factor has firmly established its position on the market of cosmetic products, first cosmetics of max Factor used such Hollywood divas like Judy garland, Jean Harlow and Lucille ball, but their fans would look exactly the same as a famous film star. Demand for cosmetics of Max Factor steadily grew, and the more popular it became, the more the Max and his sons worked on improving their formulas of cosmetics and creating new products. After the death of max Factor, family businesses headed by his sons.


Products Of Max Factor

Max FactorOne of the most famous and popular products of the company Max Factor was the cosmetics on the basis of technology Pan-Cake, for the time, this was a fundamentally new concept in the world of decorative cosmetics. Funds Pan-Cake allowed any woman to achieve an ideal smooth and beautiful complexion and look fresh and natural. By 1950 the company Max Factor present on the markets 101 state, the creators of unique cosmetic formulas have not ceased to work on new inventions. The world soon learned that such a brush for applying mascara, met with консилером, innovative formulas of nail Polish and other news, the author of which was the staff of Max Factor.

Today the company Max Factor is part of the industrial giant Corporation, Proctor & Gamble. Unfortunately, a large part of the historical heritage of the company irrevocably lost because of competition and the growing market of cosmetic products. Cosmetics of Max Factor has not lost its popularity, it will continue to enjoy many of the stars, especially supermodels.

  • Eyeshadow MAXeye Shadows

Max FactorMAXeye Shadows – the perfect shade in bold colours. Plotted in the dry form, these shadows create a soft and natural image wet causing you get dramatic look femme fatale. Harmonious combination of pink, blue, purple and natural shades – exactly what you need for flawless makeup eye.

  • Lipstick LipFinity

Long lasting lipstick is a popular trend in the world of decorative cosmetics, and Max Factor supported him, releasing some of your lipstick LipFinity. This lipstick is positioned as a medium resistance, but a special technology allows the application to keep her on the lips to ten hours. LipFinity is a color pigment and lip gloss, which are applied to the lips in two stages, the first color, then the lip gloss.

  • Mascara 2000 Calorie Mascara

Max FactorIf you want to give eyelashes additional volume – this mascara exactly what you need. Ink 2000 Calorie Mascara was harmless way adds calories your eyelashes, making them more fluffy and voluminous. Ink is very easy to apply and can be washed off liquid makeup remover.

The latest innovation of Max Factor is the mascara Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara, which has a capacity tool for removal of eye makeup, now the absence of napkins or liquids for remove eye make-up won’t spoil your mood, all you need is gathered in one pack a new mascara from Max Factor. Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara is waterproof mascara with color pigments, which does not dry out and crumble. This mascara is perfect for those hot summer days in the office or on the beach, to a party with dancing or music festival – with Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara your lashes will always look perfect!

  • Corrective tools of new generation from Max Factor

The novelty in the field of rendering and correction of defects of the skin from Max Factor – SS cream. CC is the English abbreviation of Colour Correcting Cream. This multifunctional product combines the properties BB cream and mask effect Foundation. Special formula of the cream contains a cucumber water, glycerin, rosehip extract and buckthorn, which perfectly увлажняю skin. 9,7% tinting pigment provide a wonderful application and smooth, natural skin tone. The cream also contains UV protective filter LSF 10.

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