Max MaraTo enter into the history of fashion Achille Maramotti took two coats, one suit and four initial letters of his name. This was enough, because all this was multiplied by confidence упертого Northern Italian. The environment in which he was raised, influenced on the development of a young and brave designer. Leaning on family traditions and desire to make this world more beautiful, Maramotti created a brand Max Mara, which in the current collections much more models than a couple of coats of impeccable style.

Achille Maramotti was born in 1927 in the North of Italy. Incredible prudence young man brought him the faculty of law at Parma University. He wasn’t going to devote themselves to the law, but decided that for the future of designer clothes, which he intended to become, such education is necessary. His «crust» Maramotti then confirmed in one of the Italian companies associated with clothes, but he wanted only his own firm. He created in 1951 and called Max – Mara-tearing the beginning of his name, making her a resounding and memorable name brand.


Fashion for the people

The fifties were the epoch of the rise of the European fashion – just shown French New Look in Paris, which is demonstrated by Christian Dior, with neighboring Spain, Cristobal Balenciaga drew inconceivable architectural forms, in his native Italy fashion created a bustling family Gucci. Everything was changing around, fashion passed into a new phase, and after the war, women were especially greedy to luxury and unusual models. And Maramotti decided to go the other way, different from the already distinguished colleagues. He decided that his path is comfortable, неустаревающая, носибельная clothing, which is worthy of any woman. After all, fashion is to be held, and his clothes will continue to serve and will remain in the wardrobe for a long time.

His first collection consisted of only three models – two coats and one suit. In the conditions of shortage of money to the young couturier seemed sufficient. But it was the only appeal to minimalism, because he was unheard of until then mass production designer models, which previously could only be ordered individually in the Studio. And Maramotti not lost. Asking traders fabrics put it up model (made from them) in the Windows, he made himself and advertise them ripping off a good sum. Achille Maramotti was a pioneer in mass production clothes pret-a-porter, which he sold at affordable prices.

Max Mara clothing quickly gained fans in Italy, where Maramotti soon opened several shops. The basis of the popularity of the brand collections became a principle of comfort, while the earlier fashion was not and should not be. Too высоколобая to be comfortable, designer fashion until the appearance of Max Mara seemed inaccessible. Achille Maramotti made a revolution, demonstrating that the clothes must be worn human beings, not hanging on soulless dolls in top-Atelier.


Eternal values

In the late eighties was created coat 101801, which has become a symbol of the Italian brand. This coat was universal length, cut allowed to wear it to women as thin and complete, and natural pure beige colour and warm fabric from which it was made, made from coat main object of desires of the European fashionistas nineties.

At the dawn of the brand Maramotti criticized the fact that he’s not a designer, because not engaged in the creation of fashion, and produces normal things for all. But it was his purpose. Despite the fact that the Creator of the brand is no longer alive, the image of the Max Mara fashion has not changed for many years. In any collection of the brand there is a large number of models camel colors that blend with contrasting details, for example, with the tops with animalistichnymi prints, t-shirts with transverse stripes or plain inclusions of other colour.

Products of Max Mara sold in ninety countries of the world. Its collections are presented at Milan Fashion Week. In addition to clothing and accessories pret-a-porter brand produces wedding dresses and perfumes. Max Mara is one of the few large companies, where management over many decades, are members of the same family. Business owners are children Achille Maramotti – sons Luigi, Ignacio and daughter Maria-Louisa.

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