средства для пилингаAll women want to have soft, glowing skin, and does not want to see her wrinkles, age spots and other imperfections. So the person usually carefully look, preventing damage to the skin. But sometimes easy “shake-up” for epidermis even useful – it launches a powerful rejuvenation process. Based on this principle are the means for peeling.


The principle of action

During the procedure of peeling flaking off the surface layer of skin, difficultly enough cleaned off dead skin cells, improves breathing and blood circulation. Deep cleansing it starts the processes of synthesis of elastin and collagen, resulting in skin renewal, return to her radiance, elasticity and hydration.

The effect of peeling depends on the depth of its impact. The complexity of its holding and the means employed also vary within very wide limits – from scrubs and masks that you can do yourself at home to sophisticated salon procedures and even major surgery with anesthesia.


Funds for easy peeling

Easy peeling is quite possible both at home and at a specialist beautician in a salon. For such use peeling scrubs, gommage and the mask film.

The scrub is a cream solid grains, which are mechanically remove dead cells. Such particles are called exfoliation. Until recently, for the manufacture of exfoliation mainly used quite rough natural materials – particles of pumice, walnut shells, salt or sugar, berry seeds. However, beauticians advise to frequently use these scrubs – natural exfoliating particles, sharp edges damaging the skin surface. Currently, the composition of scrubs nutshell is replaced with tiny beads of polymeric material or wax.

Before applying the scrub the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. It is a good idea also to heat up the skin, for example, using a steam bath. If the skin is thick enough, the scrub can be combined with passagem – special brush for exfoliation. Instead of brushes you can use a piece of bandage or gauze. The scrub is mainly used for home peeling, it’s easy to use, and gives good cleaning and smoothing of the skin, if there are no special problems. In the salons of such tools are rarely used because of the rather low efficiency of scrubs.

The mask film is a transparent gel substance, the main component of which is polyvinyl alcohol.

After evaporation of the alcohol the mask dries, hardens, becomes a film to which stick dead skin particles and impurities. Over time the mask is removed from the face together with adhering to it particles. Appearance of skin after this procedure drastically improved, eliminates peeling, the skin is smoothed. However, the tool is not always effective, and in the abundance of small wrinkles mask gets stuck in them, and when removed can stretch the skin. In a more modern version of the mask is added to the latex. The film from this mask is soft and thick, it is easy to remove individual layers, and it is suitable even for very sensitive skin.

Exfoliation or, as it is also called, rolling cream. After applying the tool freezes, forming a soft film, after a few minutes her fingers to roll with the surface of the skin. The film departs together with particles of exfoliated skin. Then residue, as when using the scrub, wash off with water. Exfoliation is not recommended to use for aging skin because it can further be stretched during the procedure.

To handle a person means for peeling even with very oily skin no more than twice a week. If the skin is dry and sensitive – no more than once a week. More frequent use may lead to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, acceleration of the process of keratinization of the skin, and in the case of abuse of scrub – even to its damage and microtraumas.


Peels salon

At home it is not always possible to cope even with deep contamination of the skin, not to mention the more serious problems with it. So occasionally necessary to resort to the salon purification procedures. In the salons are different types of peels with different depths of penetration in the epidermis layer, using different means. The penetration depth peeling is divided into superficial, middle and deep.

Superficial peels can be chemical (acid) or mechanical (microdermabrasion). Median peeling is carried out using trichloroacetic acid.

The procedure is deeply affects the skin, using the median peeling can, for example, to get rid of stretch marks. Deep peeling is the most radical. This group includes: phenol chemical peels, laser peels and dermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation). The procedure is performed under General anesthesia, the recovery of the skin after a deep exfoliation to six weeks, and contra-indications for this surgery are many.

There are several methods for peeling. For example, physical exfoliation is carried out using a strong cooler (sometimes use liquid nitrogen, and sometimes dry ice). The method is not used separately, but only in combination with other methods of purification. When aquaprime as an abrasive is water, which is a squirt under pressure supplied to the skin. This procedure is very gentle, it does not cause swelling and peeling of the skin.

The peel is very effective, but you should not rely on this procedure, considering it to be a panacea for all skin problems. For example, with the effects of severe acne, and also with deep scars and scars can not handle even the most deep peeling. Still not worth it to have such a serious beauty treatments in summer and in winter, when the skin and feels so permanent overload from the sun or frost, or when the body is weakened, or it lacks vitamins.

Maria Bykova

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