Well-groomed hands are an attribute of beautiful women, despite the fact that pay attention to them much less frequently than on the face or décolletage. Therefore, care for hands and nails need time, since that is the key to their well-groomed appearance. And not only nail Polish, or any other part is the care. In addition, you must perform certain procedures, how to skin, nail plate and cuticle. And while the last component at first glance seems insignificant, it is the condition of the cuticle largely determines the well-groomed hands. So to pay her the minimum attention is not just correct, but unacceptable.

средство для удаления кутикулы

What is the cuticle

The cuticle is a dense leathery cushion that surrounds the nail plate and is only in its lower part. This part of the nail is protective, not allowing the bacteria and foreign bodies to penetrate into the growth of the nail. The edge cuticle is nothing but dead cells that are drying up are becoming ugly look, then begin to peel off, which in turn can lead to the emergence of “burrs”. If you do not respond to the appearance of burrs may damage the skin located around the nail, leading to the appearance of inflammation and other equally unpleasant consequences. That is why every woman who cares for your hands, well aware that to buy the tool to remove the cuticle is a prerequisite for proper care of the hands.

Маски для ухода за кутикулой

The ways to care for cuticles

One of the most common ways to care for the cuticle is removed. This removal can be accomplished in two ways, namely the removal using a special tool or scissors, or remove by using tools to remove. The first option is more dangerous because if the lack of experience and the slightest negligence can deform the skin around the nail, which in turn may as well as burrs lead to inflammation and other unpleasant consequences. More sparing is the removal of the cuticle by means of special tools. So when using such compounds it is applied directly to the cuticle, softens it, making it very simple is asserted from the nail removed. So cuticle care, you can call it a softening in the bath and moving to the skin with the help of special sticks. This method is more gentle and suitable for women with even a very weak soft nails.

Благотворное влияние солевого маникюра на кутикулу3

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