средства для снятия макияжаHow many times told the world that in no event it is impossible to go to bed with makeup on your face, however, not all women take off their makeup before going to sleep, and even those who do, often do it wrong. Before washing the skin must be freed from make-up, and for this you should use special tools for removing makeup.

Proper cleansing of the skin directly related to her health and beauty, removing your makeup, you prevent the clogging of pores, and, as a consequence, irritation and acne. The remains of mascara and eyeshadow in the morning can lead to unpleasant surprises in the form of puffiness, redness and eye infections. Special attention should be paid when removing eye makeup, to remove makeup have soaked in a special product with a cotton pad. Put the wet disc in the century, wait until the makeup dissolves, then gently wipe it off. Especially good at removing eye make-up fluid is oil-based.

The range of products for make-up remover is wide enough to choose the perfect product easier if you know the specifics of one or another type of liquid makeup remover. So what offers the cosmetic industry and how these tools differ from each other?


Frothy means for removing makeup

To dissolve and remove makeup in these products is used soap or surfactant. Typically, such means for removing makeup are quite runny, watery consistency. The presence of considerable fraction of water in such products theoretically should be reflected in their cost, they don’t have to be expensive, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case.


Micellar water

мицеллярная водаMicellar water is ideal for cleansing sensitive skin. “Micellaire” well removes the top layer of makeup, but cleansing the face should be wiped several times with a swab soaked in this liquid.

Makeup remover eye micellar water is not enough, it should be combined with a special tool for removing waterproof makeup.


Cleansing oil

очищающие маслаOils are great for cleansing dehydrated dull skin, these funds correct for the natural lipid balance of the skin, effectively remove waterproof makeup and theatrical makeup. To cleansing oils sometimes also includes funds for oil-based, although together with oil and water they contain. In composition some of them are natural oils, e.g. olive, or “oily” esters. After using liquid makeup remover oil-based leave a thin film which protects the skin from dehydration.

The moisturizing effect is an undeniable plus, but these liquids has its drawbacks: depending on the structure sometimes this liquid makeup remover can cause excessive oiliness of the skin and worsening acne. Cleansing oil does not contain water, so they are quite expensive. If you have no desire or ability to spend money on such cosmetics, it can be replaced by a more affordable alternative to olive or baby oil.


Wipes for removing makeup

салфетки для снятия макияжаCleansing wipes – perfect for holidays and situations when you don’t have under arm cotton pads and special fluid. The effectiveness of such tissues depends on the components that are included in their impregnation.

Some brands of wipes for removing makeup cope with the task better than others, but they still provide a feeling of freshness, and most importantly.


Liquid for removing makeup from the eyes

жидкость для снятия макияжа с глазRemove makeup from the eyes requires special tools. The skin around the eyes is very thin and has high sensitivity, therefore, the means for removing eye makeup should be soft enough and at the same time effective. In recent years especially popular two-phase fluid consisting of oil, which are well dissolve the makeup and components softly removes makeup.

Cosmetologists do not advise to completely trust what is written on containers of liquids for removing makeup, in particular, promises to tighten the skin, get rid of wrinkles, dark circles or bags under the eyes, as a rule, are only advertising course. Even if in the product to remove makeup contains active hydrating or skin firming components, they do not penetrate deeply into the skin, quickly washed and just don’t have time to provide the promised action.

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