лечебная косметикаThe concept of medical cosmetics does exist, but it should be understood that such means, as a rule, do not pass all the necessary scientific and medical research. Before you spend money on a promising tool, try to learn more about it, about its structure and evidence of its effectiveness. Cosmeceutics – term from the field of marketing, and it’s worth remembering.

Cosmeceuticals is successful Alliance cosmetics and pharmaceutics, cosmetics is to help improve and restore the skin, saturate it with useful substances, minerals and vitamins. For example, vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant, so any cosmetic product with the addition of this ingredient can already be referred to the category of treatment, the same applies to funds, consisting of plant extracts, sea minerals and salts, vitamins, peptides and so on.

If the manufacturer claims that produced the product it promotes the improvement of life or the structure of the organism, then this product, as a rule, referred to the category of new drug funds for evidence of efficacy and safety where further clinical studies.

Often, cosmetics packaging, you can see a tempting promises type «wrinkles» or «eliminate acne, but this does not always mean that the package is written the truth. For proof of these statements are required laboratory tests, then backed up by evidence of buyers.


Get rid of scars

Among medical cosmetics are popular variety of creams, smoothing of scars, received as a result of injuries, acute manifestations of acne or other diseases. Reddish markings stand out against the background of healthy skin, over time they become less noticeable, but it may take months or even years.

Scar appears in the result of increasing the collagen cells in tissue in the process of healing of skin damage. Extract Luke blocks or slows the build-up of new layers collagen, the cream should be applied onto fresh scars, funds with silicone reduce scar in the amount and reduce its density and especially well in combination with a pressing bandage. After the wound has healed, and formation of scar is completed, healing cream is recommended to RUB in the damaged areas.

Using similar tools, be sure to follow the instructions provided on the packaging or liner, or the doctor and dermatologist. In most cases, creams eliminate scars, it is recommended to apply several times a day for two to six months, or even longer depending on the age of the scar. In General, the older and the more scar, the more time is required to achieve visible results. Gently RUB the cream into damaged areas within 15-30 seconds.

Healing creams do not resolve the scar completely, if too large or deep scars they may be ineffective. If you see that the cream does not help, consult a specialist who will help you choose more effective way of getting rid of unpleasant markings. Depending on the situation to eliminate the scars are special fillers, chemical or laser peels. In the case of fresh scars particularly effective laser therapy, but take a similar procedure should only destination specialist.

If as a result of application of healing cream you felt a sharp pain, itching, or notice a strong reddening, immediately consult a doctor. Such phenomena may indicate the presence of allergies or infections. You should not use such creams on open wounds, it can cause additional irritation and penetration of the infection.


Treat or hide?

Recently, on the shelves of cosmetic stores have special cosmetic products which promise not only to mask the unpleasant zit, but also save you from him.

Modern cosmetics mostly not clog pores and not provoke the appearance of acne. If you suffer from acne, experts recommend to take the weapons products containing salicylic acid. She has a gentle exfoliating property, tiny molecules salicylic acid is easily dissolved in oily environments. The size of the molecules and the ability of this acid quickly dissolve literally allow this matter to penetrate into the pores of the skin, washing out from there, excess oil, and other contaminants, which provoke the appearance of acne.


Healing calendula

Calendula – absolutely harmless herb does not have side effects, it is often included in the composition of cosmetic and medicines. Calendula widely used in the treatment and prevention of inflammation, infectious infections of the skin and mucous membranes, processing lacerations, burns and bruises, it has a softening, toning properties and ideal for skin care, suffering from acne, eczema and other types of skin disorders.

Soothing calendula balm can be made at home.

  • 125 ml treat dry calendula
  • a piece of beeswax the size of a teaspoon
  • ½ Cup olive oil or sunflower oil
  • A few drops of lavender or of any other fragrant essential oil
  • 4-5 capsules of vitamin E

Place calendula, wax and oil on the water bath, hold about half an hour. Strain, add vitamin E and a teaspoon of coconut oil, pour in small containers or empty cans of cream. The product is stored in the refrigerator. This balm can be applied on the acne, bruises, burns, on areas with varicose veins and spider veins.

Skin care products with calendula extract you can buy in pharmacies and cosmetics shops.

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