According to the available statistics, every third man at least once in life tried to vomit after eating. This is a frequently used method in the struggle to maintain a perfect figure, writes The Daily Mail. According to experts, these disorders with each year more and more common in teenagers male. Some of them take a variety of supplements and medications, aimed at stimulation of muscle growth.

In the medical environment, a phenomenon referred to as «манорексией» (male anorexia). Dr. Alison field of Children’s hospital Boston recommends that you carefully monitor the feeding behavior of adolescent boys. Among the most common eating disorders should be mentioned nervous anorexia (not eating) and develop bulimia (eating followed by the escape from it by vomiting).

Every eighth patient with the problems of power – man. For example, in England such problems are, as a rule, among girls aged fifteen to nineteen years old and boys aged from ten to fourteen years. Thirty-eight percent of new cases among people diagnosed bulimia. In the United States over a third of all men in such practices deliverance from food.

According to a survey of 5 thousand 527 boys aged twelve to eighteen years, conducted since 1999, it appeared that the young people in the process of growing stronger worried at the lack of muscle mass. Girls are more common is the desire to be thin. About nine percent of young people daily thought to how build muscle, two percent took a biologically active supplements, steroids or other drugs.

In the category from sixteen to twenty-two years to such means resorted to by eight percent. It is noteworthy that their use was accompanied by excessive consumption of alcohol beverages and soft drugs. About six percent of boys wanted to be thin, but muscular. About two percent wanted to just get rid of excess weight. It is the latter often manifested symptoms of depression in the future.

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