мужская одежда викторианской эпохиIn the Victorian era casual clothing was much more strict than today. Men’s clothing of the Victorian era had restrictive settings. Any gentleman, if he wasn’t working or artisan, had to wear a jacket, vest and hat. Appearance without a jacket or coat was equivalent to today’s take to the streets in their underwear. Very nice, and it is not gentlemanly.

If you first decided to dress up in Victorian style, keep in mind that first of all you need a vest, a coat and a hat, perhaps with one or two accessories. Modern boots with square toes, black pants and a modern white shirt for a tuxedo can complete the Victorian image, giving it a flavor.

Victorian vests

Forming the base Victorian closet, first of all get a vest. Victorian vest was a Central element of any outfit. Like a modern ties, waistcoats helped create a fashion image, bold or conservative, and the gentleman had several jackets to wear them with one and the same black suit.

Gentlemen Victorian wore many different jackets, almost all colors, styles and fabrics. With the opening of China in 1840 silk became ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive material, so that men were often very intricate silk vests even in the daytime. Many men even buttoned coat or jacket only the top button to vest is better visible.

By the end of the century for everyday clothing became more common vests made of wool and cotton more conservative colors, and the suit of the three subjects gained popularity. But in the evening fashion is still dominated silk waistcoats, as of today.

Men’s hats of the Victorian era

мужская одежда викторианской эпохиAs vests, hats were of different styles.

Cylinders for the entire century were habitual headgear during festivals and formal occasions, but wealthy gentlemen wore them during the day-time.

During the whole of the Victorian period met and other styles of hats, including wide-brimmed soft felt hats, hats – «pasties» flat top.

Hats, hat with a narrow brim and round crown, became more and more popular, and by the mid-1890s replaced almost all other styles.

Victorian jackets

In the second half of the 19th century was dominated by frock-coat – mens double breasted coats, fitting the front and rear, which reached almost to the knee. In the 1880s, the frock-coat worn both day and night. Coat was the most practical thing Victorian clothes.

Coats, jackets, of a length behind reached the knee, black, have been popular for almost a century. They are often worn on holidays and official events. Like today, the coats were single-breasted and double-breasted, with straight or tapered floors in the front.

With фраками straight cut gentlemen often wore longer vests, the edges of which were visible from under his coat.

In the 1870s and later gaining popularity men suit with a spacious jacket. Initially he кроился as big jacket square shape without the Central seam, which allowed a suit freely sit on the figure.

For 1880 more common steel jackets more adjacent cut with a Central seam directly above the pockets.

Victorian pants

мужская одежда викторианской эпохиThe biggest difference modern press from press the middle of the 1800 is the waist line. Men Victorian wore pants with more high-waisted, which was at the height of the navel or right under it.

Men wore striped trousers, and sometimes in a cage, and often combined them with different patterns, stripes and the cell. Modern people this may seem quite strange, but gentlemen Victorian it seemed fashionable.

Also note that the men wore trousers not with заутюженными folds and smooth. Length pants somewhat changed over the decades. Pants were very short, because of which the legs were completely straight, it is very long, when the leg is completely closed heel.

Belts then did not wear pants and not even have belt loops belt. Conventional were cords or tightening of the skin or canvas.

Men’s shirts Victorian

мужская одежда викторианской эпохиAlthough largely Victorian shirts resembled modern, they кроились much freer, because the technology of sewing and tailoring was limited.

Besides, since no washing machines, shirts washed much less than today. As a result of men wore shirts with collars of the posts, and for special occasions wore some collars and cuffs. Some shirts also have the breastplate that you can turn to hide appeared spot. This made it possible to maintain a neat appearance, without erasing the entire shirt.

Neckties and men’s accessories Victorian

In addition to clothing, the most important accessory of any gentleman of the Victorian era was a tie. Ties were different width and style, from the usual thin strips of fabric fancy shawl with decorative drawings and wide black tie.

Also almost all wore pocket watch, which were seen hanging from the front pocket of his waistcoat.

Most men also wore a cane different styles, and often wore gloves if you had to dress smartly. Some of the books on etiquette indicated that it is not befitting of male skin to touch a woman, so that the gloves were a necessity.

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