мужские пальто 2014 Oliver SpencerNo other part of the top men’s cloakroom not be compared with the coat, which always makes the way strikingly elegant. Men’s coat 2014 is the apotheosis of elegance which can be a starting point of creation of the image as a young man and Mature man, who is on duty requires accurate and faultless closet. Select the desired model becomes every year more and more difficult, because the range is wider, and designs – all are more diverse.


Coat in military-style

мужские пальто 2014 Adidas Tom Dixon

Adidas Tom Dixon

мужские пальто 2014 Schneiders


Military style for men’s coat is becoming softer, losing hard traits of him before. Less designers turn to the image of the officer’s uniform and increasingly include a fashionable coat just some of its features. For example, a recognizable collar, cut which explicitly reminds of military equipment, or a combination of direct adjacent cut, belts and gray, as shown in the collection Adidas from Tom Dixon. Men’s coat in military-style becomes a great option outerwear for a business person, when you need exquisitely complement the severity of the business kit.


Dflat – sea romance

мужские пальто 2014 Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett

мужские пальто 2014 Z Zegna

Z Zegna

The coat dpflat with expressive wooden or plastic buttons and typical for this style long canadawide loops, it seems there is no chance to leave fashionable men’s closet. The only amendment – the image of the coat is regularly reviewed, some models are deprived required once for him hood, others allow some stylistic relief for the buttons and the way of fastening. One thing remains unchanged, dpflat directly adjacent cut or a more relaxing silhouette, will remain one of the most popular designs coats for young men.


Coat with a fur collar in retro style

In the models of men’s coat with a fur collar Peeps as melancholy nostalgia, sending back on half a century ago, and the strengthening of the new men’s fashion, which continues to take root is not the first season, but without bowing towards retro.

мужские пальто 2014 Fendi


мужские пальто 2014 Richard Nicoll

Richard Nicoll

The fur on the collar offers both natural and artificial, long or short, in the tone cloth coat or contrasting, but without vulgar nonsense. Such coat is recommended to wear the young men slender physique, because men Mature or such heavy coat will not so much as stylish as old-fashioned. Men’s coat with the collar in 2014 presented to the house of Dolce&Gabbana, Ernest Alexander, Fendi, Richard Nicoll.


Concise single-breasted coat

мужские пальто 2014 Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

мужские пальто 2014 Valentino


Thin single-breasted coat of smooth plain fabrics, with a small open at the neck in men’s fashion is very much in keeping with the trends of women’s style of today. In these models huge combinatorial potential, because they can be combined with almost any images and suitable for men of any age. Such men’s coat perfect for spring and early fall, they can be worn both at a business suit, and on non-trivial clothes with bright colors and flashy accessories. Smooth concise coats for men you will find at the Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Oliver Spencer.


Bright men’s coat

Who said that a strong floor need to be discreet and unobtrusive? Collection 2014 contradict this view, allowing men to become full participants in the current fashion, which is rich in bright colors.

мужские пальто 2014 Jil Sander

Jil Sander

мужские пальто 2014 Kenzo


Many houses have released a man’s coat of bright colors, offering them for autumn-winter season as opposed to unilate and boredom. Basic colors and shades of stylish men’s coat 2014: yellow, mustard, Royal blue, rich crimson, carrot, terracotta. The brighter coat, the more concise should be its design, this rule is unshakable. Men’s coat of juicy colors of autumn and spring you will find Versace, Z Zegna, Kenzo, Jil Sander and others.


Coat oversize

мужские пальто 2014 Dior


мужские пальто 2014 Versace


The tendency to wear things like somebody’s back is firmly rooted in women’s clothes and penetrates now and in the male. This is clearly seen in fashion coat that can be free, spacious and immense, as in the collection of Dior Homme. Serobyan of these models in the same places as the women’s coat – line shoulder girdle and in the waist area. Wearing these coats men as possible buttoned that focuses the attention of others on the trend and rasstegnulos, showing fashionable set under clothing.

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