мужская косметикаToday hardly anyone be surprised by a combination of men’s cosmetics, although many men (and women) firmly reject the cosmetics on the men. But, anyway, for many men is such a necessity, as a clean shirt or good razors.

Men of the ancient tribes of the East and West, going into battle or on holiday, put on the face ritual figures, in the 18th century, representatives of the aristocracy white powdered cheeks, and, on the basis of historical retrospective, men ” s cosmetics has a long and interesting history.

Of course, many cosmetic products, such as, for example, moisturizing creams or lotions can be hardly called decorative cosmetics, but, nevertheless, like any other cosmetics, they are designed to make the skin more attractive.

Cosmetics protects, nourishes and regenerates the skin men, but it is very important to choose the appropriate type of skin products and take into account the purely masculine features, such as beard, whiskers and constantly growing bristles.


The application of cosmetics

First of all, you should understand that errors in the make-up the man’s face look more ridiculous and noticeable than the female. Men should wear make up neat, thin layer.

  • The first step is to smoothly clean shaven face. Cosmetics and beard are incompatible concepts.
  • After shaving, the procedure follows the soft exfoliation, body scrubs are removed from the skin dead skin particles. After using scrub, rinse and wipe dry with a towel.
  • Then on dry skin, apply a moisturizer. Before applying the next cosmetics, make sure that the cream was completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Then proceed to application a make-up base. It is best to use a liquid Foundation. Many men applying makeup finish precisely this step.
  • If you often use in cosmetics, the next step is applying concealer, which will hide the small pimples and other skin imperfections, concealer should be very carefully shaded. To pick the perfect tone concealer, test a small amount on your wrist, if the tone is natural, then this shade is right for you.
  • To consolidate the concealer and fundamentals apply a very thin layer of loose powder. In areas where was caused powder concealer better to put a brush, the whole face – powder puff.
  • Upon request, the lip can be applied colorless lip balm. Lips will become brighter and fresher, besides balm prevents skin dryness or cracking.
  • Never go to bed with makeup on the face. In the evening, be sure to wash off the makeup and the clean skin, apply a moisturizer.


How to choose cosmetics for men

  • Choosing cosmetics, give preference to those with a mineral content.
  • If you have oily skin you should certainly buy matting lotion with moisturizing effect.
  • Brush attached to the бронзаторам, most often made of cheap plastic, so be sure to purchase a convenient qualitative brush.
  • Men older with very dry skin need lotion with intense moisture, note also creams with a smoothing and firming effect.
  • If you are sunburned, change concealer, choosing the appropriate tone. Concealer, as well as liquid Foundation, should be selected not only given the tone of the skin, but also the time of year.
  • If you regularly use in cosmetics, try as little as possible touching your face during the day.

Cosmetics for men – optional possibility to look more cool and attractive, many men use cosmetic products, not every day, and in special cases, all depends on the person, his lifestyle and needs of the skin.


Cosmetic set for men

Not necessarily the sum of the eye or use other «women’s secrets», but every man who wants to look attractive and have a healthy beautiful skin should use a set of cosmetic means. What is this «gentleman’s kit»?

  • Moisturizing tool

Many men think that the moisturizer is not what they need, and are deeply wrong. Moisturizing creams and lotions nourish the skin, saturate it with such essential moisture. With age, the skin becomes thinner and drier, and shows the folds and wrinkles. Regular moistening allows to minimize these processes, make skin soft and fresh. Depending on the skin type, choose means that as a moisturizer component acts as water or oil.

In the absence of proper care pores of our skin clogged with sebum, dust, and other contaminants, resulting in the appearance of acne. Scrubs contain soft abrasive substances and antibacterial components that remove the dead skin cells and impurities of any kind. Cosmetologists recommend to apply the scrub twice a week.

  • After shave lotion

Lotion, shaving soothes irritated shaving the skin, tightens pores and disinfects the tiny wounds and cuts. It is better to choose lotions no alcohol, alcohol dried the skin, which causes itching and irritation.

  • Lip balm

Dry cracked lips – sight is not particularly attractive, hardly girl wants to kiss a guy with such lips. To her lips were soft and inviting (why not?), regularly use lip balm. In the composition of balsam contains extracts of medicinal herbs and oils that prevent drying and cracking of the lips. If the idea of balsa lip seems too «feminine» regularly lubricate the lips usual vaseline.

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