sunscreen and other things. Just do not forget that you are wearing shorts and not a duffel bag.


Sandals with socks

In the summer, let your feet bask in the sun. Not “cutivate” feet in socks, especially when wearing sandals.


Flip flops

Flip flops can be considered as the official footwear of summer. But you have to avoid, with the exception of the barbecue facilities in the garden or around the house. To exit, better to buy sandals. Flip flops give your mind negligence and you will look ridiculous, especially if you wear them with short jeans or trousers.


Huge sunglasses

Of course, in summer you need to protect your eyes from bright sunlight. However, this does not mean that you have to look like the Terminator or the fly. Avoid glasses that cover the whole face. Ideal glasses Wayfarer, Aviator, or clubmaster. Most importantly, to find a suitable option.

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