мужские куртки 2014At any time of the year jacket for men remains an indispensable item of clothing, which has no analogues. Comfortable length in modern jackets for the stronger sex are combined with features of the super trendy style, which can not miss if you have been watching the fresh trends catwalks. Mens jackets 2014 represent a new style, a classic masculine image and gradual introduction of unprecedented styles, which gradually conquer the closet of the stronger sex of any age.



Coat for men is like a trench for women, it never hurts him and there will always use without any particular reason. In 2014 jackets remain within their usual for a man’s wardrobe colour schemes in black and dark blue, but slightly modified approach designers decorate this item of clothing.

New coat tends to be rid of his once-strict image, trying whatever it was to fit into the image of not only business men, occupy a certain social level, but also a young man who works in a creative profession and forced to move in during the working day. The new coat features numerous pockets and zippers, which also do not deny the presence of buttons and rivets. In some collections, jackets appear in unexpected interpretations of the military, though trying to masquerade as a double-breasted officer short coats.

Relaxed way of a new coat allows him perfectly blend with the image in style with smart casual jeans and sweater with a high neck or even a sport chic style with fashionable sneakers or trainers.


The short winter down jackets

Down jacket for men remains the subject of outer clothing for cold weather, and even elegant carcoats not yet in a position to overthrow him. The main feature of men’s jacket 2014 is restraint on its colors and General style. They do not look cheap versions noble coat, designed for true gentlemen. Mens jackets very stylish, they are sleek hood, the main colors – white, cream, beige, dark blue, khaki, grey. Images of the jackets were so popular that there is a business version of this jackets, which are made not from Bologna and from the mixed fabrics with woven basis. These models are great for men who are inclined rather to business style than comfortable sports dictated quilted jackets.


Short quilted winter jackets

Texture quilted fabrics more wins men’s closet, and in 2014 it is almost completely subdued his demi Department. Increasingly collections appear short jacket straight silhouette, and also models that are close to the leather leather jackets are made of fabrics with frequent line, forming squares, squares, strips. No need to fear that they will give to figure the amount, these jackets are well fitting to the body and does not make the silhouette overweight. In so doing they fit well on a slender men who choose laconic style sports.

When the choice in favor of this jacket is important to strike a balance between its color, style and quantity of accessories because such models are quite new in men’s fashion, and it can take time to properly introduce them into the closet, adapting to different images.


Short leather jacket

This can be a leather jacket or a combined jacket with fabric inserts in the sports style. This leather model is almost always too smart to abuse the amount of metal fittings or pockets. However, a distinctive feature of the new time, these jackets have many models are vertical zippered pockets or purely decorative purposes. The advantage of such jackets – their ability to visually make the figure slender. Despite this, do not buy it, men who do not possess the slim, because such jackets almost always short and narrow, or adjacent cut. Rather, they are suitable for low of young people.


Jackets, jackets

The combination of different models of service is the hallmark of our time. In 2014 in the men’s collections in excess appeared jacket, which repeat the classic silhouette of youth jacket. They have shorter sleeves or sleeves that have the opportunity to fold, indispensable buttons, expressed fitted silhouette and adjacent cut, what an incredible way combined with typical autumn and winter fabrics for clothing. These jackets good mainly for representatives of the young generation, who will find various fashionable ways to combine them with jeans, the business press, with elegant shoes and sneakers.

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