мужские куртки 2014Jacket for men is an integral element of style any time of the year. Even if he’s wearing a coat, it is impossible to imagine the stronger sex, who has not had in my closet jacket. Designers know about it, and each new season to suggest their vision of how the site should look like this mod right now. Mens jackets 2014 demonstrate the diversity of styles, which today are available for those who keep up with fashion, but does not want to lose individuality in its ever changing whirl.


Mens jackets

The cold weather puts on a fashion their obligations. It may seem to many that the jackets have nothing to do with high style, but it’s not. In 2014, the colder seasons couturier offer men wearing beautiful, warm fashionable jackets, which can be of different size and length, making them universal models for men in the autumn-winter season.

In addition jackets that have already familiar design, introduced in the model, evoking images of the other jackets, which traditionally have other material. For example, Vivienne Westwood collection came down jackets made the type «aviators»and Astrid Andersen down jackets were more like classic men’s jackets with lapels.

Color range of men’s jackets mostly very restrained. Suggested many black, dark green, dark blue, shades of dark khaki, anthracite, purple. It is impossible to overlook the emphasis on the lights jacket material is less opaque, more glossy Shine. Most catwalk collections showed how elegantly fashion cushions can fit in a business way, in keeping with the classic plaid pants and shoes.


Marine theme and the military style

Jackets in a nautical theme and in military style were presented in 2014 in huge numbers. Features of these styles are recognized at first sight, they are in a specific design and color scheme.

Military style is represented by the traditional warm shades of green, which appears as plain version and in protective versions, and also in combination with other shades of similar scale. As always elegant look mens trench coats that are reminiscent of uniformed officers. Shade hacks gives military-sounding even those jackets, which in its sustainable fashion incarnation not belong military style. For example, sports jackets in the style of teddy. Some designers showed exaggerated military presents jackets, the shape of spetsnaz. Mark McNairy has demonstrated a bold combination of such jackets with breeches, design that lays claim to a full costume Union with the jacket.

Back in fashion in 2014 men’s jacket MPEI duffel with indicative of his style is oblong wooden buttons and long rope loops. Jacket-duffle presented in his classic dark blue shade, and in military style, in warm shades of green and grey, soft brown and brown-green.


Short leather jacket with zipper

мужские куртки 2014 Hermes


мужские куртки 2014 Kenzo


The black skin is not going to leave the fashion stage, and in men’s style, this trend is as strong as in women. A lot of short jackets made of black leather biker biker jackets with an abundance of metallic accessories, and more classic leather jackets sport style with a direct lightning. Last presented in a larger variety of colors and materials: met on the catwalks of brown leather, metallic grey, cold shades of green, blue, leather, both matte and glossy varnish. Excellent performance of this style – collection Hermes, Kenzo, Belstaff.


Jackets buttoned

мужские куртки 2014 Berluti


мужские куртки 2014 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Undoubtedly, the lightning is very convenient and it is the leader as the main zipper in the men’s jackets 2014. But gradually, in the fashion collections is becoming more models on the buttons, which in the absence of metal fittings look very calm. One example of such jackets – model Berluti busy plum color with a design that aims to military, but much less expressive. Not passed to this trend, such masters as Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani, who, in their spring-summer collections 2014 showed how various may be the style jacket buttoned.


Jacket with prints and applications

мужские куртки 2014 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

мужские куртки 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Monotone is an undeniable trend in men’s jackets, because it is a single color decorates the majority of models in spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. However, gradually mens fashion goes from boring options, designers offer to bring in jacket more colors, decorating their models with applications, prints, experimenting with form and colour. Examples of this trend can be seen in the collections of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Balmain.

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