мужские джинсы 2014Jeans for men were once option of clothing, but times have changed. Now this is not just comfortable denim trousers, they can quite successfully replace business pants at work, making a good combination with jackets and classic shoes. Men’s jeans 2014 is a great choice for men who have restrained the classics, and for those who are not against to experiment with your image in the framework of a relaxed casual-direction.


Color men’s jeans 2014

The color for men’s jeans are very important. No doubt that in the modern menswear market there is a solid selection of different colors and textures for jeans. But therein lies the trick, as inappropriate, for example, is too bright color able to “kill” all the status of things, even if it is made luxury brand. In this sense, in 2014 men have excellent reference points: in fashion muted hues, noble colors, dark colors. This does not mean that jeans certainly boring and unsophisticated. Conversely, choosing the right shade, a man can easily replace classic trousers jeans that are easily combined with strict shirts and jackets.

In the great honor in this year’s men’s jeans traditional autumn colors, which are worn at any time of the year: khaki, gray brown, gray-green. Popular Burgundy, thick blue, dark green, light grey.

White jeans should allocate in a separate category because it really is a vivid trend of the year. White jeans come in the stead of summer trousers made of natural fabrics, which are usually on vacation. The advantage of jeans white in front of cotton or linen pants becomes their greater convenience and durability.

White men’s jeans, which are a key part of the image, can form different combinations as with a strict business relaxed and c options top. On the basis of white jeans man can create an image of Safari, military, business casual, sporty chic. With white jeans preferable to wear suede shoes, matte leather or fabric to Shine not caught the eye.


Attention to the length and silhouette

The length of any man’s trousers with each new season becomes more and more relevant. Increasingly produced shortened model pants and jeans, which are more comfortable in casual wear and meet all the needs of the wardrobe of today’s active citizen.

Fashionable mens jeans 2014 slightly narrowed down and shortened, these two elements can be present together in one model, and separately. In any case, and in fact, and in another version it is important to know how to combine these jeans. Men of small stature is better to abandon such trendy trends, preferring classic length and straight-cut trousers.

Cropped jeans look great with sports shoes discreet design, with white sneakers and shoes, moccasins and loafers or tone on tone or shade of the same color that and jeans.

Choosing cropped jeans or model, comprising podrachivaya leg, do not leave without attention the belt. For men not very tall dangerous to wear cropped jeans with bright dark broad belt – body proportions will be broken, growth will seem even lower.


Mashed classics

Jeans that seemed to have been in the closet for many years, and they can be recalled again and decided to introduce into everyday closet is a classic denim trousers with heavy fading and stylish holes. The width of the legs of your jeans remains the same as it was many years ago, when about men’s skinny or slim was not the question in a trendy environment.

And on the podium, and in the directory service in 2014 were presented sufficient number of classic men’s jeans of coarse dark blue denim to position this timeless classics as another trend. However, rough and worn denim for jeans presents not always. For men who prefer a more accurate images, there are models of denim, whose irreproachable smoothness of colors and textures in no way impaired, so they are allowed to form the basis for a variety of outfits.

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