мужской трикотажMen’s knitted things are not less popular than women’s, especially with the onset of the cold season. Every six months couturier pleasing to the strong half of new models of knitted and demonstrate, in what combinations you can wear them. Fortunately, the choice of detail more than wide, it’s about as basic things for everyday wear and accessories. And the most pleasant mens Jersey may be part of the most diverse styles as free youth and concise business. Main is to correctly choose the color and entourage.


Brevity warm style

Mens Jersey slightly less expressive than the female, but this popular opinion, the deep-rooted style solution sometimes is broken in pieces, when the young people of creative professions creates a stunning image based on the bright knitted things. That is, there can always be exceptions, but they only prove the rule. Knitted garments for men are usually performed in strict temperate colors, often they are plain. Sometimes you can see the fine print, that few will venture to wear due to difficulties in combination with elegant style.

In fear of the stronger sex wear trikora there is nothing surprising and reprehensible. If a man accustomed to strict lines, knitted details he can see the impersonation of home comfort, which is good only for the relatives, and not for the money and not for going to work.


Kinds of man’s knitted accessories

Traditional male Jersey – is the hats, scarves and gloves. In this respect the risk of the appearance of impropriety is minimal, because these things are inalienable attributes of the autumn-winter style. To feel most secure, you need to choose classical solutions for these accessories: black, dark blue or grey colour, smooth texture. Patterns and a combination of several colors are suitable for more informal occasions for the classical style is better to choose quiet unobtrusive colors. Hats and scarves for men is the details without decorative elements, fringe, pompoms, brushes and other details, pozvolitelno in women’s fashion.


Kinds of man’s knitted clothing

The largest family of male Jersey – is-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, which can also be adapted as a comfortable and casual style, and a business that can be worn to the office.

The most trouble-free item from the male-Jersey – classic cardigan smooth knitted with a V-shaped or rounded throat cut. It can be worn with anything to wear down shirt, combine with business trousers or jeans. Jumper can be as adjoining silhouette and loose-fitting. Thin solid jumpers, do not wear full of men, because they emphasize the shortcomings figures. Available color options for such things: gray and black classics, gentle blue tint, or figure with diamonds. Very carefully to treat General fine knit shades of beige, because they would create the effect of a naked torso, which is not always appropriate.

Sweater with a throat – perfect for a winter. Smooth texture to wear a business suit jacket in the style business casual in her free time , you can wear turtleneck, which has a classic volume binding pigtails. Particularly impressive it looks grayscale, and of melangevoy yarn.

With each new season couturier show how various can be a male model buttoned – sweaters, cardigans different sizes and design. Knitted jacket correct cut and elegant design can easily fit in the business style, replacing the jacket, which is not always comfortable to wear in cold weather. Popular sweatshirts with a turn-down collar, where buttons start in the chest region, as well as cardigans without a collar with a deep V-neck. There are models dobrotich cardigans, which further add to look at men’s knitwear. Jackets buttoned or zippered with a collar or without him men can wear as outerwear, combining them with a scarf early autumn before the time for a coat or jacket.

Knitted mens jackets-vest give another way to generate both business and free casual style. A vest with an elegant V-neck easy to wear the shirt under the business jacket, and within the framework of creative youth style it easy to put together with a thin tie or jacket with wide open collar.

Never go out of fashion tradition in the form of men’s sweaters with the Scandinavian ornament as in the usual red-white combination or alternative: black-and-white, white-gray, white and brown.

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