Glasses – one of the most essential accessories for men. First, they provide for protection of the cornea of the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, secondly, are stylish addition to any image. Glasses on the eyes is always fashionable, stylish and impressive, so they are popular among men of all ages.
Inexhaustible interest to the glasses makes designers annually work on the latest collection by this fashion accessory, so in the next season, as in previous, mens glasses buy will be easy.
Мужские очки – неизменный модный аксессуар2
On the trail of fashion brands

In Milan has already been submitted to another collection points from Hugo Boss. It included several forgotten model of points in a seventies style. From the predecessors they only differ in the refinement of the frame and material (now points are issued with a titanium frame and the rim of the other popular hypoallergenic metals).
Fashion house Armani presented his collection of models male points, however, compared with the previous collections, there is practically nothing has changed. Still popular with round glasses lenses and lenses, covering the eyebrows.

Gucci and Valentino presented one of the most outstanding collections of points of the season 2014, mainly due to rich color scale. The diversity of forms of frames, their inlaid stones, crystals and black diamonds from Swarovski giving the collection a special ultra-modern and trendy style.

Popular styles
Мужские очки – неизменный модный аксессуар3
In 2014 will be the most popular mens glasses in the sports and modern style. Glasses with rounded lenses and with the wide rim under the eyebrow will be relevant as ever, just as glasses with brutal metal parts in a black frame.

Safely pick next season new glasses, do not focus on the familiar form of the frame. Try new styles, but for women, we hope, will now be much easier to choose a favorite gift.

Article publication date: November 19, 2013

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