мужская туникаHow often do you on the street have to see men in tunics? Probably not, and that’s fine. This garment has long held a leading position as a casual summer clothes and in some cases part of the evening set in the women’s locker room, but not in men. But there are always exceptions, which penetrate into fashion, becoming more and more familiar. This trend and has been men’s tunic, which suddenly appeared on the catwalks and more often began to appear in the street.


Roman tradition

Once the tunic was in principle a part of the male wardrobe. Women wore long dresses, chastely covering the legs, men’s casual attire consisted of several components, the main of which was the tunic, stajala longer, reaching to the knees, then it is shortened as pants grew closer to its modern appearance. Finally, the new times, and the tunic was forced out of a man’s wardrobe sophisticated and elegant clothes. Replaced by rich first coats, to be followed shirts, long won the first position in the list indispensable items of masculinity.

But as it turned out, cyclical fashion, and among its repetitions can be much more extensive than it seemed earlier. In 2012-2013 designers started to take on the podium in the men’s fashion show, which seem to profit directly from Ancient Rome. They, with a pride of the modern self-confident fashion wore tunics – sleek, simple, sometimes quite primitive, hard cut, not constricting. With the filing of the creative Directors of the world’s fashion houses ancient Roman tradition swept modern men’s fashion, leaving her in men’s tunic as an indispensable article of clothing for summer and beyond.


Men’s tunic and difficulties of self-determination

Astennet update the man’s clothes and men’s summer image is undeniable. Modern representative of strong sex is no longer needed in the way of successful top Manager in suffocating-and-tie pin-striped suit to make on other people a good impression. The ability to wear relaxed things are becomes the measure of knowledge of your own style and ability to play with them, not being afraid to bring in the new components, one of which is men’s tunic. What are they and how to find the right tunic for a man, that he was not on the way down from the front side of historical artifacts found during excavations on the territory of modern Italy, Ivanushka the fool, nor destitute of the Turkish Sultan, who was forced to obraztsa in expensive clothes?


Safari style – comfortable casual

White, cream, beige men’s tunic of quality cotton can be a wonderful base for a summer image. Stylish, fresh, always important to look tunic warm shades like khaki, olive, equipped complete with cotton or linen pants spacious cut and Roman sandals. Good complement the image of a bag-messenger worn over the shoulder. So easy to create an image of a stylish young man who enjoys the holiday and are exempt from the working routine.

To tunic looked modern, need to pay attention to the design of the throat part. Better if she is not hard, and not tightly opened, and with buttons, which, of course, are better left undone. Neck can decorate wooden locket, medallion, which perfectly fit into this style, alluding to its ancient origin, but not rushing into the eyes of its authenticity, which is not always appropriate in modern life.


Tunic in ethnic style

Fashion is inseparably linked with the history that the image of the tunic is best manifested. The first thing that comes to mind at the mention men’s tunic image or Roman, or ancient Slav. Not necessarily to stick to them, if a man appreciate the charms of the ethnic style, he can try to create interesting images with a tunic in the East or American style.

Men’s tunic in the Eastern style is always the magnificence of colours, fantastic ornamentation, merger unimaginable colors embroidery, sequin, luxurious, shiny fabrics. Of course, all this seems peeped in pictures or in the historical series, and not necessarily a modern man to copy a fantastic image of the Raja. Men’s tunic in Oriental style may be more restrained, close to the classical European versions of this article of clothing, including favourite colors and exquisite decor. Such tunics easy to wear in the summer, especially in the heat, on the beach. Men’s Eastern tunic can be as broad and free to SARS and the adjoining silhouette, reaching to the knees. The width and length in this case is a matter of individual taste.

The tunic in American style and asked to wear a cowboy hat in addition, but this is not worth it, unless a man is not going to carnival party. Such models have much in common with poncho is a very wide capes with spacious sleeves or only slits for hands. Deep V-neckline is possible to add a pendant. To wear the tunic is also possible in holiday season, combining with the shorts, but not too fond of authenticity of the image.

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