мезотерапияMesotherapy is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays, which, moreover, has a mixed record. Someone repeatedly resorted to it, repeating courses, others do not see it as efficiency and are advised to pick up something more effective with visible results. Mesotherapy in fact does not have instant effect expected from your beauty treatments, but this all its essence. Its action is slow and careful, there is no abuse of the body, who is recovering gradually, at the expense of own resources.



Mesotherapy is a procedure, which under the skin, enter microinjection of drugs, which are called cocktails. It really cocktails that mix of several components, which are connected directly before the procedure.

The indication for the procedure are various cosmetic defects, often associated with age-related changes. A course of mesotherapy cocktail is recommended to improve the skin tonus and elasticity, to restore her youth and radiance for smoothing wrinkles, as well as to get rid of cellulite and other, more serious violations.

Injection introduced under the skin of 1-5 mm conventional syringe with the thinnest needle or a special injector «gun» with fixed depth of the puncture. As a rule, regardless of where the processing is carried out not more than one session per week, normally required rate of 5-15 procedures. Components useful mesotherapeutic cocktail quickly absorbed and the stimulation of internal metabolic processes, the body is stimulated by the development of new collagen and elastin fibers break up fat cells, removes excess liquid. There is a normalization and harmonization of processes, which could eventually fail.


Beauty with a French accent

History of mesotherapy started over half a century ago, and the preconditions for the development of this method were born one hundred years before. Previously injection never introduced under the skin – only intramuscularly. But all decided case: one of the doctors wanting to help his patient, he introduced analgesic means exactly, and that not only were painful, and there were some other interesting «side effects».

The birthplace of modern mesotherapy can be considered as France, because that is where it appeared and developed, and in the late eighties was recognized by the national Academy of medicine. It was later founded the international society мезотерапевтов, which includes several thousands of specialists from all over the world. Thanks to their work, a lot of people, and mainly, of course, women can correct the cosmetic defects of the face and body, and do so without harm to the body and with minimal side effects.


Mesotherapy face

Mesotherapy face is a very popular anti-aging treatment. To her resorted to women who have noticed the first signs of aging, but decided not to apply to more invasive techniques like chemical peels or surgical face lift. Facial mesotherapy helps to smooth out wrinkles, smooth and relief of the skin, make it glow, a little pull, eliminating laxity, remove puffiness. Usually injections are carried out immediately into the face, neck and neckline. Mesotherapy face can be conducted with a light anesthetic or no anesthesia, it all depends on individual sensitivity of the patient, but in General, the process is no different pain. Duration of one session is not more than 20 minutes to achieve visible results, for example, when expressed sagging and wrinkles, you need a course of 3-5 procedures with an interval of a week.


Body mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy involves the processing of over vast areas, you can do as a total rejuvenation of body and injections in the local zone. This can be mesotherapy hands to improve the tone and the elimination of flabbiness or mesotherapy thighs and buttocks to get rid of cellulite. On the body of the procedure is useful for smoothing of scars, stretch marks, treatment of rosacea and hyperpigmentation, improve circulation, remove stagnant phenomena with a delay of water and lymph, General refreshing the skin of the body, giving her youth and even color.


Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy for hair involves the injection into the scalp. Such cocktails aimed at the improvement of blood circulation and local metabolism, which leads to stimulation of the development of follicles, eliminate dryness and peeling, treatment of dandruff and seborrhea strengthening bulbs with prevention and treatment of hair loss. The results of such mesotherapy can be seen immediately, but only after a few months, and this is natural – hair because not grow in a single day. Mesotherapy for hair takes about 30-40 minutes to effect cocktail was achieved, a couple of days after the session, do not wash your hair. Usually shows a rate of 8-10 procedures.

Mesotherapy for hair becomes universal methodology for the improvement of the nutrition of the skin of the head, so its good to start in the fall to the spring happened typical for this season of abundant loss.


Non-injection mesotherapy

Non-invasive mesotherapy type is also possible. Cocktail applied to the skin, and that he had penetrated as deeply as possible, applied surface treatment apparatus, the outpouring of magnetic waves. Mesotherapy without injections recommended for patients for whom it is undesirable микротравмирование example skin with acne.

Contraindications of mesotherapy fairly conventional and their need to indicate in any particular case. It is not worth making pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the presence of acute skin diseases, allergies components cocktails (but you can always find alternative), blood coagulation disorders, vascular нарушених, chronic kidney disease, gallstones.

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