A product such as Metformin for weight loss does not designed. The medication has shown to diabetic patients, as it helps to reduce blood sugar. However, the first «side» and useful for the figure of the properties of the main active ingredient tablets noticed and appreciated bodybuilders. Athletes who are very afraid of a body even a hint of subcutaneous fat, are ready for any pharmacological experiments. Really means so effective?

Principle of action

Metformin hydrochloride, the active active substance considered a medicinal product, which is a must for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Patients with such diagnosis medicine helps:

  • reduce elevated levels of glucose in the blood;
  • protect yourself from the clogging of blood vessels bad cholesterol;
  • to prevent the development of fatty hepatosis of internal organs;
  • maintained at a normal level rudely disturbed disease of carbohydrate metabolism.

By the way, many of these problems have overweight people, resulting receiving Metformin for weight loss has been very common. To maintain normal blood sugar levels contained in the drug substance blocks the process of absorption of carbohydrates from food, decelerating thereby formation in liver glycogen changes.

In the result, the body appears energy deficit (as in the case of deprivation), which have to cope through spending of accumulated fat. Both the level of sugar in the blood stays at a normal level, i.e. not greatly decreases, which allows the person to not feel a strong sense of hunger even during the days of discharge. However, it is erroneous to believe that Metformin with slimming plays the role of жиросжигателя, and all the excess will melt right before your eyes.

Just in the process of taking the drug increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which is the main regulator of carbohydrate metabolism and stimulant appetite. So the effect of the application of Metformin is that you will simply be less hungry, and body fat in problem areas of the body will naturally decrease.

Instruction for use

Direct indications for use of Metformin (diabetes) suggest an appropriate scheme of reception of medicines contained in the instructions. However, healthy people who have decided to use these tablets correct figure should observe a number of rules that protect their complications from taking the drug:

  1. The duration of treatment is not more than 3 months.
  2. During a meal or immediately after drink 1 pill.
  3. Daily intake – 2-3 tablets.
  4. Daily amount of free liquid should be around 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.
  5. In no case, combine Metformin with hunger strikes and the use of alcohol.
  6. It is important to stick to the diet, which involves the sharp restriction of the use of fast carbs and sweets. It is necessary not to increase the effectiveness of the drug, and to avoid the negative consequences of the stomach and intestines.

As a rule, side effects as nausea, lack of appetite, the metallic taste in your mouth accompany the first days prima Metformin for weight loss. In 2 to 3 weeks, unless you follow the rules above, can have serious problems with the digestive system (diarrhea, rumbling, and pain in the abdomen, increased flatulence), which literally Rob you of the possibility to leave the restroom for a long time. If you encounter undesirable effects of taking the medicine, you should reduce the dose.

We should not forget that in the healthy human body all the biochemical processes are quite different, so for weight loss this drug is allowed to use only a short time and only after consultation with a nutritionist. Today in pharmacy weight analogues tablets Metformin – Глюкофаж, Сиофор, Гликон, Форметин, Багомет etc. they are Produced in different doses, so that the ignorant person is very easy to become confused about which medicine to buy and how to take it.

Contraindications to the use of tablets Metformin for weight loss are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, kidney, heart, liver, gall bladder. Do not combine this medication with drugs and vegetable additives, which are laxatives or diuretics components. Otherwise, you can seriously damage the kidneys.


Kate, 29 years. On how to take Metformin for weight loss, I learned from a friend. She had serious problems with excess weight, which were directly connected with the fact that she could not control your appetite in terms of carbohydrate and sweet foods. By the way, diabetes she hadn’t suffered. I with the figure was not so very sad, but I still decided to try. Took a dosage of 500 mg and saw 2 tablets per day. Side effects (drowsiness, weakness, fatigue, slight nausea dizziness). Perhaps this is from what I initially sharply cut your calorie diet. Then I went to a balanced diet. 3 months later, I managed to lose weight 7 kg while The girlfriend took tablets 6 months, for which she managed to drop 16 kg

Marina, 34 years. When taking Metformin appetite diminished significantly. Especially for the sweet tooth as I. However, proper diet, I moved immediately, so that with effect as of diarrhoea (and perhaps even permanently loose stools) I encountered in full. For the first month of taking the medicine I took 3.1 kg Now I have already got used, that eat not want, so without suffering went on a diet. I will wait for more tangible results.

Svetlana, 32 years. I have also appeared side effects, but not at once, but after three weeks. Not to say that I am severely lacking, so that the dosage of medicine I reduce did not. Very much it would be desirable to lose weight quickly. And indeed, «побочка» soon passed, everything returned to normal. Drink Metformin for already 2.5 months, plumb already amounted to 4 kg

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