It is difficult to imagine a modern woman, who would take to the streets without styling. As is known, visiting professional hairdressers is not always convenient. And Yes it is a rather expensive procedure. Fortunately, for all the ladies, beautiful styling not necessarily every day to visit salons. Packing can be done with their own hands at home. This will require some adaptations and a little time.
Способы укладки волос собственными руками.1
Recently very popular among fashionistas enjoys machine to create curls Babyliss. This device will allow easily for a short time to create perfect curls different kind and size. With its help, you can create 3 types of locks: soft, light, cool.

And ceramic Luggage, will not harm the hair structure, while creating curls.

Another popular way to create the perfect styling own hands is laying hair with a hair dryer. For better fixation, hair desirable to apply mousse or gel. The gel is first necessary to put on the fingers and only then hold them by their hair. During drying to the hair-dryers, hair roots should be raised by brushing. This will create the required volume. Dry hair should be something cold air, hot, pulling at them with a hair dryer in the right direction. After the completion of the procedure for laying lasted longer hair should apply a small amount of Polish.
Способы укладки волос собственными руками.
Combing your hair with the help of a tool, is also a well-proven and effective way. The installation process is very simple. Hair is wound on curler (size and shape may be different), then we must hold their heads about half an hour. At this time you can go about their business. In order styling was more rack, hair should be wet, or they must apply the gel. To expedite the process, you can use the Hairdryer. Blow the hair need hot air and only at the end of the cold.

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