Foot care is a mandatory procedure that should be repeated every day. Many people do not attach much importance, and then suffer from various diseases of the feet, shins, fingers and other parts of the feet. This article will review the basic methods and techniques through which you can keep your feet well-groomed and healthy.
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The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the shoes, especially winter. Especially popular in winter time become the women’s quilted , very comfortable and beautiful shoes. And it is justified, as the material, which are made from a quilted, fully protects the foot from cold and provides normal blood circulation.

The second thing you should pay attention is to wash feet with clean water. Moreover, it should be done with soap in lukewarm water. After this procedure, the surface of the legs it is advisable to lubricate with a special nourishing cream. During washing, until the skin is soft, it is also possible to treat the foot with a pumice stone and clean the cavity of the nails. When taking water treatments, it is necessary to remember about such a remote place, as the area between the toes – it was here the day accumulates a large amount of dirt and germs.

Another good tool for foot care is the establishment of baths and herbal infusions. Water temperature should be comfortable to choose for the feet, but not too hot. After taking the foot bath, you should wipe dry your skin and to greater effect, to lubricate her a firming cream.
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After a pleasant water procedures there is nothing better than a relaxing massage for the feet. The massage is carried out, starting from the toes, lifting up the foot. Then the direction of the massage is replaced by a reverse direction, returning to the tips of the fingers, each joint of which is necessary to stretch separately. To complete the procedure with light massage movements over the entire surface of the foot, toes and lower leg.

Of course, the timely replacement of clothing is a prerequisite to preserve feet in a well maintained and healthy. It is necessary to replace the tights and socks because after the first day wearing them already accumulate a large amount of germs and dirt.
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Care for their feet is a must in the daily schedule for any person. Paying 15-20 minutes a day on this, it is possible for many years to limit yourself from unpleasant diseases that occur due to poor hygiene of the feet.

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