методы омоложенияCosmetology is on the stage of development, which involves the performance of virtually all whims of women to regain a youth and beauty. Methods of rejuvenation help to restore skin smooth, velvety, smooth tone and radiance, to resolve any wrinkles and bags under the eyes, whiten hyperpigmentation and gives a lot of other possibilities, affecting its effect. Despite the abundance of methods of rejuvenation, women should realize what way is better to resort to their age and with their problems.


Chemical peeling and mechanical grinding – youth through cleanliness

Peeling and mechanical polishing can be divided, but can be attributed to a single method, because the principle of the single. During these procedures, removes the top layer of the skin, causing skin response. It consists of a rapid activation of the processes that lead to build a new layer – smooth skin without wrinkles or lesser degree of their manifestation.

Grinding, usually involves mechanical abrasive cutter or polishing diamond dust. Peeling as cabin rejuvenating methods of chemical means. This can be peeling surface (AHA acids), the median (trichloroacetic acid) and deep (phenol). There are many types of peeling, which may be of different types depending on the percentage acid contained in the formula. Surface peelings help for General refresh skin, narrowing of pores, purification and elimination of fine lines. If age-related changes already critical, need a deeper peels. Phenol peeling procedure is very traumatic and shows women after forty-five or fifty years of age, who do not dare to surgery, but no other methods of rejuvenation they do not help.


Beauty shots – injection techniques

методы омоложенияThe easiest, most accessible, with a huge number of admirers method of rejuvenation is mesotherapy. It can saturate the skin with vitamins and other useful substances, driving her to the update. Mesotherapy is the skin around the “cocktail of beauty” – the chemical compounds of vegetable, animal or synthetic origin that is inserted under the skin at a certain depth.

The mesotherapy many indications in addition to the rejuvenation but some people dislike her for no instant results, which can be seen immediately after other treatments. Indeed, the effectiveness of mesotherapy cocktail appear gradually, because it refers to soft techniques, rather preventive or rejuvenating at the slight age-related defects.

An injection of botulinum toxin or Botox is a procedure that stood between injection techniques and contour plastics. Botox, or botulinum toxin type a – the strongest toxin organic origin. It causes paralysis of the muscles, limiting motor activity of the skin, and therefore, does not allow to form a new wrinkles, smoothing old. Botox injections are a great deal with deep facial wrinkles and give immediate effect, which persists for about six months. Injections in the absence of contraindications, and side effects can be repeated regularly.


Contour plastics

Contour plastic indispensable to resolve deep facial wrinkles and folds, and is also useful when necessary tightening of face oval. In contouring using drugs-fillers and hyaluronic acid in its pure form.

Fillers – biodegradable materials (they eventually dissolve), which are thin needle directly into the fold, filling her. Over time, the area of injection smoothed, the skin becomes more natural. The most common drugs for contour plasty: Restylane, Perlane, Surgiderm, Juviderm, Teosyal.

Hyaluronic acid injections are distinguished by the fact that such interference is at lower risk entail negative phenomena. Hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for retaining moisture in epidermis, is perceived by the skin of one’s own, natural, so the risk of any rejection at the professional approach is very small. Contour plastics, as mesotherapy, boosts the skin to update that in this case more intensively, notably after the first procedure, and the results are stored for a long time – up to six to nine months.


Apparatus cosmetology

методы омоложенияIt can be contact and noncontact, a little painful and imperceptible. Advantage of hardware rejuvenation that you can choose a method of cutting the other, anticipating all possible complications. Among hardware rejuvenation techniques proven laser peeling, phototherapy, ultrasound peeling, radiowave lifting, microcurrent therapy. All these techniques fibroblasts to stimulate the renewal of collagen-elastin skeleton, which smoothes the skin, eliminating wrinkles, dull, aligning color and relief, returning skin to the lost glow.

For hardware cosmetology contraindications, as a rule, more than other methods. For example, many chronic diseases even in passive stage will be a contraindication to the effects of laser or pulsed light. Oncological, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular system put before the need for mandatory consultation of the doctor.

All the above methods of rejuvenation applicable to the age of about thirty to forty-five years. Up to thirty years, you can use the high quality creams, selected according to the type of skin with mandatory SPF, in adulthood may not help even high-intensity apparatus cosmetology, so for rejuvenation will have to turn to cosmetic surgery. To delay this need and to slow down ageing, it is necessary to take preventive measures and to take care of the skin from a young age.

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