микротоковая терапияIn therapeutic practice microcurrents have long been used to relieve pain and stimulate healing process. The ability microcurrent therapy on 150-300% to accelerate the regenerative processes in tissues was proven by the results of clinical studies. Microcurrents are widely used in cosmetology, where therapeutic effect of currents is aimed at are directly under the skin and muscle tissues. Stimulation of these tissues rejuvenates the skin. Originally microcurrent therapy used in the treatment of peripheral paralysis of the facial nerve and violations in the area of the temporomandibular joint.


Specifics of the procedure

The principle of microcurrent therapy is aimed impact of micro current on a particular area of the patient’s body. The duration of procedure is from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the areas of treatment and medical problems which seeks treatment. Microcurrent therapy stimulates metabolic processes responsible for the restoration and regeneration of tissues and increases the production of ATP, which in turn is the main factor in the implementation of biochemical processes in the human body. A surge of energy increases the body’s ability to display the products of decomposition, thus preventing the accumulation of toxins. This improves blood microcirculation and saturation of the body with nutrients. The enhancement of these processes has a direct impact on the renewal of the cells. Microcurrent therapy stimulates the processing of glycogen in the muscle tissue cells. To enhance the effect of microcurrent therapy is combined with physical therapy.

Studies have shown that among all types of electrotherapy treatment the skin is the most effective. In the treatment the skin is negligibly low amperage not cause tissue of resistance, which we supervises the application of other types of electrotherapy. In Haute treatment of microcurrents the patient does not feel currents as such. Microcurrent therapy practically no contra-indications, however, it is not recommended to pregnant women and persons with pacemakers. In the treatment the skin, patients are advised to drink plenty of fluids.

For the first time microcurrent therapy was applied in 1980 to stimulate the restoration of bone tissue at neschastnii fractures and cracks. Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of micro-currents in the healing process, in one of the articles you can even find the following figures: the influence of currents of power from 10 to 500 mA increases the production of cellular energy by 500%.

Rejuvenation of the skin the skin is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and such, it was for a very short time.

Microcurrent therapy is simple to use, does not cause discomfort and discomfort, and with rather affordable price has tremendous positive effect.

High-frequency electric signals penetrate deeply into the facial muscles and surrounding tissue, stimulates the production of collagen, cell regeneration and blood microcirculation. The result is the appearance and condition of skin improves, even tone, you receive a healthy glow and Shine. Microcurrent therapy allows you to smooth wrinkles, remove bags under the eyes, to lighten age spots. The ability of microcurrents to relieve the inflammation very useful in the treatment of acne and pink acne.

Already after the first procedures the patients notice considerable improvement. To achieve maximum results, it is generally recommended course of twelve procedures, with subsequent use of prophylactic sessions. If you are not suffering from a serious illness, do not smoke, do not expose the skin to frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun, preventive procedures are recommended every two to three months.


Therapeutic effect microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy has many useful properties. The impact of micro current relieves pain and inflammation resulting from fibromyalgia, arthritis, disease Beck, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibroids, sports injuries and disorders of the nervous system. Microcurrent therapy is also used to prevent outbreaks of herpes and to reduce the symptoms of shingles.

If tissue damage affects the structure of the cells. Microcurrent stimulation increases the level of saturation of cells with energy and oxygen, stimulates the penetration into the cells of nutrients, launches the process of ion exchange and toxins from the body. In cooperation with low active electrical impulses of the human body, the skin stimulate metabolism in cells, strengthen the body’s resistance to various inflammatory processes, eliminate pain and promote a more rapid restoration of the cells and tissue healing.

Therapeutic effect microcurrent therapy is largely similar to the effect of acupuncture, with the only difference that in the treatment of microcurrents are not used needles. Treatment of microcurrents are safe for patients of any age, however experts say, individual cases of unforeseen outcomes of this treatment. It should be remembered that the reaction of everyone to microcurrents individual, in a particular case serves as the patient’s age and General state of health. In the vast majority of cases the patients who underwent the course of microcurrent therapy noted a significant improvement in their condition.


Side effects

With the apparent complete security, like any other therapeutic procedure, microcurrent therapy has a number of side effects. Experts believe that most of the side effects caused by the intensified process of detoxification. Often the side effects are similar to symptoms of the common cold, also may experience headaches, nausea, fatigue and short-term pain. Side effects manifest themselves in two to four hours after the procedure, and usually disappear in 24-48 hours.

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