Recipes facial cleanser milk:

Washing with oily skin cultured milk products. In that case, when the skin is not dry, oily, ordinary milk should be replaced cultured milk products (yogurt, acidophilus, plain yogurt, kefir, except sour cream). The method of its application is quite simple: before the morning washing the face, apply a fermented milk product of your choice. Leave it for some time, for example, while brushing your teeth. Wash fermented milk product need broth herbs (chamomile) or to be limited to simple chilled, but pure water.

Honey-milk washing. There is another way of washing your face with milk. So, pour the milk in a bowl, add the 1 coffee spoon of honey. It is necessary to moisten the face. Next, clean the skin of the face is your usual means, wash with warm water. After a soak in milk with honey cotton pad and wipe their face, making a circular movement from the bottom up. Leave the mask on the face to its drying: in the process of lactic acid should dissolve dead skin cells, allowing all useful substances penetrate the skin. Remove excess usual warm water.

Milk and honey – it’s those products which have a beneficial effect on the skin: increase its resilience to provide her with protection from contamination, soothe and moisturize.

Cosmetic ice with milk. As is known, cosmetic ice is very valuable in the home cosmetology. However, cook it, you can not only by water or decoction of herbs, but with the addition of water, milk (1:1 ratio). Clean the face with an ice cube on the basis of milk to achieve a rejuvenating tonic effect.

Milk as a means of struggle with bags under the eyes. Milk is an excellent means for struggle with bags under the eyes. Pour in a glass bowl whole milk, soak in it a cotton pad and apply to eyelids for 20 minutes. After this time, remove any disks, forever wipe with a cotton swab dipped in clean water. Next, apply the cream for eyelids given that the skin at this point should be damp.

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