минеральная косметикаRecently, many have begun to switch to mineral makeup. People think that since it is mineral, natural means. Trends in recent years is such that more and more people try to use only natural, organic products. And makeup is no exception. But is it really mineral cosmetics as good and useful as it said manufacturers?


The history of mineral cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics appeared not so long ago, in the 1970-ies. But actually, the people resorted to the help of makeup based on minerals for many thousands of years ago. And modern mineral makeup only restored the technologies that were used in ancient times. Many ancient cultures have used crushed natural minerals to give some shades of skin, hide minor shortcomings and to give a glow. For example, Cleopatra used antimony, to draw the eye.

First of cosmetic products based on minerals began to produce chemist and cosmetologist Diana Ranger, who founded his own line of mineral cosmetics in 1976. In those days, from cosmetics companies were required to list all components included in the composition of their products. So Diana was just shocked from what she had to impose himself on the face. For this reason, the need arose to begin producing natural cosmetics, which has become mineral cosmetics.


What is mineral makeup

Minerals such as iron oxides, mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, finely crushed or are ground into tiny particles, which then make the cosmetics. Various minerals are crushed to varying degrees. Better than crushed minerals, the best coverage they form on the skin.

The main difference between traditional cosmetics from mineral ingredients. So, in mineral cosmetics no softening oils and waxes, fragrances and preservatives that are in conventional cosmetics. Often these components can cause irritation and allergic reactions on the skin.

минеральная косметикаTo ensure that you really buy mineral makeup, carefully read the label. If there is written that it is rich in minerals or in its composition is a liquid or foam, such products may contain parabens or Dimethicone, which is added to soften the structure. Cosmetic products, which is not a powder, may also contain moisturizing agents, antioxidants and vitamins and other ingredients to improve skin condition.

Sometimes in the composition of mineral cosmetics can even be harmful minerals. Not always natural can be useful. Oxychloride of bismuth is one of those ingredients. Most companies producing mineral cosmetics do not have to add it to their products after there were complaints of buyers in allergic reactions resulting from the use of their funds.


The benefits of mineral cosmetics

One of the advantages of mineral cosmetics, which represent the producers and those women who managed that is, to borrow the fight against acne. But experts say that it is unlikely that mineral cosmetics are able to cope with acne, which can occur for various reasons, including hormonal changes in the body. Such anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as zinc, may slightly reduce inflammation on the skin, but to cure it they can’t.

But the absence of the filling ingredients that are found in traditional cosmetics, contributes to the fact that the pores are not clogged, as with conventional cosmetics. Often mineral makeup does not cure acne, but exacerbates it.

Another property, which is attributed to mineral cosmetics is that it acts as a sunscreen for the skin. Actually zinc oxide and titanium dioxide do have a small sun-protection properties. But none mineral cosmetics will not give you a reliable protection from the sun’s rays, as special tools. Some manufacturers of mineral cosmetics claim that their product has SPF 30. But it is not clear how much to apply this powder on the face to protect it from harmful sun rays.

Mineral makeup is not a panacea for skin problems. But if it does not solve the problem, at least not damage it.

It is believed that mineral makeup is so lightweight texture that you can sleep. Actually, experts recommend to wash off any makeup before you go to sleep.

Mineral makeup will not stay on your skin as long as usual, because there is no such standard ingredients such as binders, water-repellent polymers and other substances that help the makeup to stay on the skin longer.

минеральная косметикаThis mineral cosmetics has just a few shades, so it is sometimes difficult to find one that suits your skin the most.

Some people think that mineral makeup is not suitable for dry skin, as it makes it even drier. But it’s not. If you are before applying to the skin mineral makeup will use moisturizer, your skin will not be overdried. And some manufacturers even offer moisturizing sprays, which are applied to the skin after the application of cosmetics.

As for using mineral makeup for oily skin, it will just clog pores, as usual cosmetics. Therefore, it is best to use mineral makeup for normal to slightly oily skin. Mineral makeup is better not to use if you have skin prone to acne or wrinkles.


How to apply mineral makeup

Some women don’t know how to apply mineral makeup. For example, mineral makeup should be applied in the normal brush for applying powder and make lightly from top to bottom.

Mineral makeup can be applied on the skin even when it is wet. You can mix a bit of mineral powder with water, moisturiser or Foundation.

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