минеральная пудраIf you want a flawless complexion, smooth skin tones, without visible pores and other not very pleasant shortcomings, then you just cannot do without mineral powders. Today about mineral cosmetics does not speak only the lazy, some consider it an ideal, others not able to fully replace other cosmetics. How to separate the wheat from the chaff, truth from fiction and to understand what exactly are the advantages of a mineral powder. Of course, the mineral powder is not a panacea, it does not do everything for you, but in all that concerns cosmetics, natural mineral products surpass cosmetics synthetic-based.


Dignity of mineral powders

Most of the mineral funds provides an opaque, but virtually invisible coating, you look so natural as to the application of funds, but your skin looks much better. There are two types of powder, a so-called basis and final coating». Basis, as a rule, provides more coverage and the tool itself varies depending on the different tones, a «final» or the final coating is transparent tool that captures basis. Both tools like retouch skin and give it a youth and radiance. Mineral cosmetics ideal for normal oily skin. When dry skin, mineral powder only emphasizes dryness, so in these cases makeup artists recommend to use a liquid Foundation with the effect of additional moisture. Mineral makeup does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe, therefore, with long-term use, this makeup allows you to maintain a healthy complexion. Mineral cosmetics sold in the ordinary cosmetic stores and pharmacies, regardless of where you purchase this makeup, it will be the same effective, as the basis of all mineral funds lie same basic ingredients.

минеральная пудраMineral makeup is perfect for a summer makeup, the hottest time of year liquid Foundation is too heavy and is literally melting under the scorching rays of the sun. Apply mineral powder brush on the moistened skin, moving from the outer edges of the person to the chin, nose and forehead. In process of drawing minerals mix and dissolve with skin fat, giving the skin a beautiful, natural radiance. Silky texture evens skin tone, so you don’t have hours to edit photos before you upload them to the page in social network.

Mineral cosmetics are not only hides imperfections of the skin, and restores it. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – the two main components of mineral makeup, these ingredients are included in the composition of sunscreens. For stronger protection of the skin from the sun mineral makeup should be applied on top of funds from фотофильтрами. Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory agent removes redness and irritation of the skin. In addition to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, mineral powder contain, talc, silicon, boron nitride and oxide of iron. Because of its organic composition, mineral powder absolutely nontoxic, and absolutely harmless for your skin, which cannot be said with certainty about synthetic cosmetics.



Did mineral powder is a real miracle product? Unfortunately, no. Recent studies of these funds have found that when applying loose mineral powder, we breathe the smallest наночастички that, settling in the lungs, and cause irritation, inflammation and can cause serious lung diseases. Titanium dioxide and bismuth oxychloride (ingredient, giving mineral пудрам easy iridescent luster), can lead to clogging of the pores, so people with particularly sensitive skin that is prone to the formation of pimples, should be very cautious approach to the use of mineral funds, which include the above ingredients.

Of course, the mineral powder has its advantages and disadvantages, however, even with some of the negative aspects of such products, do not hurry to refuse the mineral makeup. Carefully review the product, many cosmetic companies produce cosmetics without content mica and bismuth. Sometimes incriminating research too is thickened paint, so trust your skin, try a means of several brands and you are sure to find exactly what that is suitable for your skin.

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