powder for sensitive skin contain natural ingredients and presented, usually in loose form. They are specially designed for those who don’t like to use cosmetics with chemical components in the composition.


Features of mineral powder

The mineral powder is suitable for oily, mixed, sensitive or acne-prone skin type. Powder evens skin tone and prevents the spread of acne and irritation. Mineral powder allows the skin to breathe, which prevents the occurrence of skin blemishes. It does not clog pores and protects the skin from the sun and negative effects of the environment.

Mineral powder applied with a special brush in the shape of a bell with a flat top. Mineral powder is applied in a circular motion.



The composition of mineral powder includes the following components:

  • Titanium dioxide: mineral origin. It provides sun protection, reflects light, fixes make-up.
  • Zinc oxide: mineral origin. Relieves irritation. Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties.
  • Mica: mineral origin.
  • Silk powder: a component of animal origin. Nourishes and softens the skin.
  • Allantoin: a plant component. Has anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerating, protective properties.
  • Myristate magnesium: mineral origin. Absorb fat, and improves the abrasion resistance.
  • Boron nitride: of mineral origin. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Silica: mineral origin. Has a matte, absorbing properties.
  • Jojoba esters: plant origin. Moisturize, soften the skin and make it elastic.
  • Esters of coconut plant origin. Make the texture creamy and soft.
  • Kaolin: mineral origin. Absorbs oil, mattifies the skin.

Despite the fact that the manufacturers are using less and less of talc in cosmetics, it is preferable to check that it was not in the squad. Talc dries the skin and causes irritation. It is often used in mineral makeup products because of matting properties. Currently, talc is replaced by mica, a natural antiseptic. She represents no risk of displacement of aluminium in our body.

There are a huge number of brands, which are mineral powder. Among them, MAC, Nivea, ELF, Les 3 fees.

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