модельные агентстваModeling agencies for many girls seem branch of Paradise on Earth. There you can come shyly holding in hands a couple of great shots, and after some time, you will see yourself on the cover of the biggest in the world of gloss. But modeling agencies do not make the girls stars, they don’t have such a problem. Their main aim is to present models, be the intermediary between the girl and the customer is always right, because to pay money. And further career is a chain of coincidences, plus hard work and self-discipline.


American dream

The profession of a model, which appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, has long been considered indecent occupation. The birth of the modern fashion and its development by leaps and bounds in further impetus to the development of the business model in the form of the opening of the first modeling Agency. In 1939 was based Agency Harry Conover, which turned the idea about girls showing clothes. Its founder, he created the concept of cover girl – «girl from the cover», and it was his model appeared on the covers of the most popular magazines. To become models, girls crowds rushed exactly the Agency Harry Conover, and it really sparked a lot of stars.

модельные агентстваIn the Agency worked and Eileen Ford – young girl originally from new York. She was not of the bright beauty which nature has endowed her friends on business, and was not much in demand, but often helped colleagues. Her home called customers, and efficient Eileen dutifully wrote down all the information you need in a notebook, actually administering the Affairs of their more fortunate friends. Gaining experience, and with courage, in 1946, together with her husband Jerry, she opened her own model Agency, which to this day holds a strong leadership position in the industry – Ford Models. Currently Ford Models is the largest American model Agency, which has its headquarters in new York and offices in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris and other cities. About two and a half thousands of models are in the state of Ford Models.

The other major network – Elite Model Management, which is the main competitor Ford Models. It was founded much later – in 1972 in Paris. Is the Agency known fact that opened the world a lot of today’s stars, including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Lara Stone. At different times this Agency was Monica Bellucci, when she was a model, Тайру banks, Heidi Klum, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell.

In the eighties model agencies have started to appear in Russia, and today their number exceeds the limit, especially in the capital. The most famous and largest of them: Red Stars, Modus VivendiS, Slava Zaitsev modeling Agency. Thanks to these agencies in the Western world conquered hearts of such Russian model Natalia Semanova, Tatiana Ettinger, Maria Nevskaya, Victoria Dronova.


The rules of the game

Model agencies are representatives of models. Their casting Directors shall hold a strict selection of the candidates that they can become successful in business. They have their own benefit, and this should be remembered. No model Agency does not give charity and will not take under their wing a girl who seems futile. The task of the Agency is to their staff worked, worked hard and effectively. In essence it is the mutually beneficial cooperation, not always it is so, especially those, who make the first steps.

Your agent is at any model – independently is not working, no girl like a startup, and the star of the industry. The only difference is that Miranda Kerr or Adriana Lima scheme of cooperation with agents differs from the one on which work beginners. But this is normal practice, and its Foundation was laid in the early formation of this business.


Hard business

модельные агентстваModel Agency can be considered from two points of view. On the one hand it helps model to make a career, on the other manages her life, her looks. The girl has no right to change the color hair or much of a tan – its agent determines how it should look like, because, as cynical as it may sound, but the model is a commodity and should be «marketable». There is nothing offensive, and those who spent many years working in the industry to understand this. The model is not a Princess, around which are arranged crowds make-up artists, stylists, designers, who have to make the beauty of ordinary girl. Model promoting someone else’s products – clothes, cosmetics, as well as carbonated water, kitchen furniture, and much more. This is a profession, and it is not easy, and often tedious and uncomfortable.

Model Agency becomes a mediator between the girl and the client, of course, not on a voluntary basis – it is earning. For this reason, in the interests of agents girl in a big assortment», blonde, brunette, red, thin and categories plus size, the faceless «chameleons» and vibrant beauty.

Before you go in a model Agency, it is necessary to check its reputation, as you find out more about its activities, models, it represents is necessary to clarify the conditions of cooperation. Unfortunately, in Russia model Agency, that don’t cause trouble, it is not so numerous, as in the West. So caution and not to have illusions.

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