модели из кожиAccording to the designers, models of the skin in the new season – the concept is extremely eternal. In addition, this material is still incredibly relevant and the coming winter. Because the use of natural materials in creating clothing became a necessity. And, as a consequence, models of clothes from the skin itself became fashionable trend, which is widely used in various fashion shows Fashion Houses.

Remember just as in spring we were happy to try on on itself an interesting model of skirts from leather. Then the material was comfortable, soft and thin, though it’s not leather, but fabric. As for today’s new products, the model of the skin is moved away from the “brutal” tendencies. Designers in their collections try to rely on the beauty and elegance of each girl. Therefore, all the fashion shows affect the abundance of clothes from leather in soft and feminine processing. So, warm jackets-the pilot, close-fitting coat, bright trench coats, boots, fashion jackets look perfect and gentle.

It is worth noting that the current models of winter skirts from the skin have also expanded their Arsenal. In particular, the sexy mini is not one outfit that pleases femininity and sensuality. Designers offer to dress in a pencil skirt, flared leather, asymmetrical skirt. In other words, girls can highlight any variations. The main thing that the dress was made of quality leather. After all, these are the models today look the most stylish, gorgeous and attractive. Agree with this and Hollywood celebrities who actively try on new trends. So, Jessica Alba and incomparable Madonna often appear at social events in your favorite attire from expensive material – leather. In addition, many designers create a made to order exclusive models of leather clothesthat please their wealthy clients.

And than even from the skin you can add to your wardrobe? According to experts of the fashion industry, it can be anything. For example, highly relevant in the new season is leather pants. However, we should not focus on their brutal nature. It is best to focus on the classical model with a high waist. Also very interesting to look leather dress with original texture and decor, leather short jackets, and leather jackets that have only recently appeared in the designer collections. All of this will be trendy novelties of winter 2011.

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