Surely every parent, buying a new toy for your child, think about the fact, whether it is dangerous for the baby.

For anybody not a secret the fact that the composition of the majority of toys contain lead and plastics, therefore, to approach the selection of toys should very seriously, as more important than the health of our child nothing – it should be protected everywhere.

Surprisingly, but the stores are still toys made before 2008 (from January 1, 2008 came into effect, international law on consumer product safety, according to which the use of lead and phthalates in toys strictly prohibited).

In order to ensure the safety of toys, you can conduct a rapid test for the presence in toys dangerous components. On sale there are special swabs to test for the presence of lead, which can be bought in almost any hardware store. During these checks, be prepared for the fact that you will definitely come across the toys with suspicious composition. In this regard, specialists and Dinara Satzhan, an interview with whom can be found on the website strongly recommend to pay close attention to ecological toys.

The most popular eco toys for today it is a toy made from natural wood. By purchasing child environmentally friendly toy, you can be sure that toxic substances will not harm the baby’s health.

Speak well of and expert on toys made from recycled one hundred percent plastic. These toys have markings showing the absence of lead, mercury and other harmful chemical elements.

No less popular today environmental toys made from natural fabrics (linen, cotton, lace, brocade, etc.). Gradually gaining popularity toys for children made of felt and wool. Their main advantage – the ability to soothe baby. Pediatricians recommend giving your child these toys before bedtime.

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