Современные интерьеры для гостинойThe living room is the Central space used for the usual weekday evenings, and for special events. Therefore, socialization involves the creation of a harmonious and stylish spaces for each member of the family will provide warmth and comfort.

Modern design living room dictates its own conditions, which will help to create a cozy and functional at the same time ground in your apartment or house. Let’s look at what can be interior living room.

The color of the walls should be chosen carefully so that the result was a unified composition with elements of furniture and accessories. Flashy and flashy colors are out of fashion, more will be the choice of relaxing and soft colors.

The functionality and ergonomics of furniture we select is very important. Trendy modern “chip” can be a bar, the package which includes high chairs and elegant glasses hung on a certain post.Современный дизайн гостиной: основные принципы

The lighting in the living room should consist of several groups: basic and local in areas of pastime. Will not interfere with the installation and hidden illumination, for example, to watch TV or create an atmosphere of “romantic”.

Modern living room layout should adhere to the principle of minimalism: the space should be uncluttered and spacious. The room should not contain anything superfluous. Moreover, some furniture can be transformed and perform dual functions.

If financial capabilities allow, should strive to use in the interior of the abundance of metal and glass, subject, of course, selected stylistic decisions.

What are hits in the interior living room

Хит в современной отделке гостинойA real hit for modern interior design living room plasterboard steel various shelves and niches. Drywall has limitless possibilities, allowing you to build completely different straight and curved designs.

The most important is the structure:

— niches for decorative items;

— the Central niche for the TV;

— shelves;

— false arches;

— geometric shapes on the ceiling.

Designs are due to different coatings. In the modern interior living room is most often used textured plaster. For furnish of internal area of niš apply Wallpaper, fabric, glass, wood and even mirrors.

It is very important that the Seating arrangement was consistent with the selected style. Only in this case staying in it will always invoke a feeling of harmony with oneself and the world.

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