How to remove papillomas (warts) on the hands.The virus HPV (human papilloma virus) is the causative agent and distributor in the body of infection. Strains (varieties) of the virus insidious and incurable and contagious. The virus moves easily from one person to another and adapt to the new body of the victim, causing certain types of warts. To protect yourself from warts on the hands should not come in contact with the affected parts of the body of a sick person!
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If warts appeared on my hands, that they should immediately be isolated from contact with other parts of your body.For example, strain 2, which type of HPV that causes warts on the hands, can give mutations and move to another part of the body. After this migration will need to work at removing warts on the face or leg. If the extermination of infection on the hand held, most likely, imperceptibly, then sure, remove warts on the face are spots, scars from laser and snide smile detractors.Ways to remove warts from the skin.Removing warts on hands usually is virtually painless for the patient, because the cover fabric hand has a fairly dense structure, unless we are talking about the same lesion.
Современные средства борьбы и лечения бородавок на руках
The virus can multiply and infect new skin.Actively uses different methods of coagulation (cut). Using a laser or an electric pulse, the doctor will cut off the affected area of the skin. Sometimes warts root (sprouting inside tissues) and requires a decent amount of time to completely get rid of the annoying trouble.The second most popular method is freezing, which allows using liquid nitrogen to impact point and quickly. By the way, if you do not want to go to the doctor and the wart is small, you can freeze it yourself.
Современные средства борьбы и лечения бородавок на руках3
Came to the pharmacies nitrogen applicators for home use.A very popular method among farmers and gardeners is to combat warts with the use of the herb (plant with orange, onion juice). This method of struggle can be attributed to chemical, extremely unpopular in the medical community.With the weakening of the immune system, the virus takes over and begins to multiply very rapidly and in such situations cannot be avoided extreme measures – surgery! Papilloma excised with a scalpel, the location of the wound is sewn cosmetic seam. Applies only when you remove large warts.Take care of the cleanliness of their hands and the health of the organism as a whole!

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