Ah! What we have is soft and fluffy coat and cap! How much we love her and cherish! Fur at all times was a desirable thing in the wardrobe of any woman. And young girls, and respectable ladies dreamed about it. In our severe climate conditions is absolutely necessary. Buying a desired thing we remember and obey the rules of care for her:

  • store in a free and dark room
  • ensure supply of fresh and cool air
  • case for fur sew only from natural cloth
  • not прикалываем to him any jewelry sharp pins

But with the lapse of time leaves on the soft fur of their traces. And we want to see it perfectly clean and fresh. How to be in this case? There are many recipes for self-home cleaning fur. But they are not effective enough. Guarantees excellent cleanliness of the entire product only dry cleaning fur masters of their craft. Wearing fur loses Shine, purity and already it becomes not so fluffy and light, as after purchase.

Современные методы ухода за мехом

If you accidentally place under the cold rain, shed tea or coffee on the coat, then quickly contact in the dry cleaning of furs. The attempts to bring spots on the coat finally spoil all the product. You cannot застирывать the spot or dry it near heating appliances. In the cabin cleaning wizard cleaned and fur, and the lining of fur products. Modern high-tech equipment in the salons plus special cleaning mixture will make your work quickly and qualitatively. Fur reverts to its original appearance. All drugs used to have passed rigorous certification on compliance with sanitary norms. Such cleaning will not harm yourself gentle fur.

Современные методы ухода за мехом1

Hope your fur will long to warm and delight you with its delicate and pure beauty!

Article publication date: October 19, 2013

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