Современные методы улучшения здоровьяThe problem of strengthening the immune system and overall health today more relevant than ever, particularly for residents of megapolises. Stressful pace of life, poor environmental conditions, high population density, the over-saturation of all kinds of information, and other attributes of a big city adversely affect health. Most people understand that these negative impacts need to level – to play sports, quenched, eat right, but you have no energy, and perseverance. Fortunately, modern technology offers gentle, but not less effective ways of promoting health and improving the General condition of the organism.


The beneficial effect of cold on the body is quite ancient knowledge that was mentioned still the founder of the European medicine Hippocrates.

Today, the concept of “cryotherapy” includes various ways of influence on the body cold. As “cold” factors are used ice, water, air, liquefied gas, cooled air. To obtain its pronounced health effect is applied General hypothermia – short-term effects on the body of the gas environment with a temperature reaches very low values from -130 oC to-170ºС. These extremely low temperatures enhance metabolism and stimulate all body systems:

  • immune;
  • neurohumoral;
  • endocrine;
  • cardiovascular.

General hypothermia is used not only for General health, but also in the treatment of skin and allergic diseases, neurosis and depression, to improve the immune status.

In good quality kriosauna temperature should be reduced to its minimum for 15-20 seconds, this mode will ensure the maximum efficiency of the procedure.

The recommended course

To start a course of cryotherapy is 1 or 2 minutes of being in the booth, after a few treatments, the duration of the session may be increased. Good supportive course of cryotherapy is 10-15 sessions within three to four weeks, i.e., the session every two to three days. This course you can arrange two or three times a year. Intensive course – up to 3 times a day – is used for more serious therapeutic effects.


Современные методы улучшения здоровьяHealth impact baths and saunas are also known since ancient times. Unfortunately, for many people a visit to the sauna is banned because of health condition. But in this case, modern technologies offer a way out – infrared sauna. An infrared sauna is a small cabin, made of wood, inside of which it is placed ceramic emitters of infrared radiation. The main feature of infrared radiation is that it is very efficiently absorbed by human tissue, so a large part of the heat just that, as a smaller goes to heating the air in the cabin. This infrared radiation rather poorly absorbed by the surface layers of the skin. Its effect begins at the level of the dermis, subcutaneous fat tissue and deeper layers. Under the influence of infrared radiation tissues are heated a few degrees, the result is:

  • the expansion of the blood vessels;
  • activation of microcirculation;
  • intensification of General circulation;
  • the pressure decrease.

The rate of visiting a sauna leads to the sustainable reduction of high blood pressure, improvement of blood vessels, increased metabolism. In the body are activated redox processes, there is increasing resistance due to the stimulation of the immune processes, especially in autumn and winter colds and epidemics. Heating of tissues promotes active sweating, with the heat load on the body is small compared to traditional bath. That is why an infrared sauna shows the elderly – there is no load on the heart.

The recommended course

A sauna is available year-round, one-two times a week, optimum session time – 30-40 minutes.


Without traffic, you cannot in good health as an important component of the immune protection – lymph – moving body only by muscle contractions. For those who cannot devote fitness halls few hours a week developed effective exercise equipment, which allows to influence on the entire body with constant rotation or vibration platform of the machine.

Platforms such simulators not only vibrate, but moving from side to side, back and forth and up and down. As a result, to stand on this platform, it is necessary to coordinate and involve almost all groups of muscles. Built-in display at this show, what force makes the exercising, and how true are the exercises. Vibration and rotation increases the efficiency of any exercise increases dramatically, so full training takes only 20-30 minutes. In such equipment, you can change the settings depending on the desired result: increase/decrease the load, set the parameters of movement and other Computer allows you to make an individual program complexity. Lessons on such simulators not only affect the muscles, but also coached the vestibular apparatus, the cardiovascular system and improve overall health.

The recommended course

Two lessons per week for 30-40 minutes would favorably affect the condition of the body, increase vitality and improve overall health.

Protect yourself from the inside

One of the effective ways to support the body and increase the resistance to various infections and adverse factors – reception of biologically active nutritive Complements. When choosing a Supplement, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer and composition. Certified manufacturer and clearly specified the composition of bad guarantee its quality and effectiveness. Not to buy tools from unknown producers, in which dozens of components, many of which don’t even have the correct Russian translation (this is especially true of the biologically active nutritive Complements of the Asian production). The use of such drugs may cause unpredictable consequences. In addition, BAD we need to purposefully choose: if you want to strengthen the immune system, and BAD you should select the corresponding, for example, Zithromax, which produces the famous Russian pharmaceutical company PIK Pharma. Part of this is bad extract grapefruit seed containing flavonoids naringin and vitamin C. the Extract of the seeds of Grappa has proven antimicrobial activity: is active in regard to 800 strains of viruses and bacteria, 100 strains of fungi and to a large number of protozoan parasitic organisms. Discovered that he destroys the bacterial cell for 15 minutes. Vitamin C in the composition of Carolus works synergistically with flavonoids, in particular with naringenin, strengthening the body’s immune defenses. In addition, flavonoids and vitamin C have potent antioxidant. For the production of Carolus use of environmentally friendly raw materials and German technology.

The recommended course

Reception 28 drops twice a day during the month helps to strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance.

Before you begin the course of the above procedures, you should consult with your doctor, because in each case has its contra-indications.

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