современный стиль pin upThe style of pin-up (pin-up or pinup) is one of the most romantic and cute styles that exist in the fashion world and known for already quite a long time. Extreme charm, romance and femininity of this style make it the perfect solution for walks and parties, as well as for romantic dates and in many other cases. So if you like the look of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Ingrid Bergman, modern pin up style is exactly what you should bring into your wardrobe, upgrading retro tradition.

Familiarize yourself with the main points that you should know about this style, this information also contains the necessary fashion tips, how to dress in a modern pin up style correctly.


What is pin up fashion

Modern pin up style does not show your sensuality, but only slightly hints at it. This style is one of the most aesthetic and great techniques to accentuate your femininity and charm, at the same time not risking to create a provocative appearance. To understand the origin of the name of this style, you need to go back in the 1930-ies of the last century, when the first seductive posters sassy girls and ladies in typical style. And it is from those prokalavaemy (from the English. pin up) to the wall of posters was the name of fashion style as such.

One of the icons of this style is Marilyn Monroe, who had truly mastered the art of connection of lovely details style pin up, and had excellent posture, character and all the nuances that are necessary to complete this image. Rita Hayworth is another striking embodiment of the overall charm, becoming an icon of pin up style. Lana Turner, Ava Gardner and Betty Grable also included in the list of the best representatives of this style.

With regard to modern images, it can be noted Scarlett Johansson and Dita von Teese as a modern followers of the pin up style, perfectly use it for modern chic retro image.


Typical closet in the pin up style

Thus, the very first thing that you need to pay attention, it upgraded the chic and glamorous, is peculiar to modern pinapa. To indicate some of the key elements that make up the core of this style, we can talk about the following components of the wardrobe:

  • form-fitting silhouette. Regardless of the choice of clothing, it should highlight your figure and highlight its attractive details. If you figure type “hourglass”, then you are really lucky. If not, then you should try to place the proper emphasis in the clothes and create the silhouette of this type.
  • accents at the waist. The main focus of pin up emphasize the waist, which should be brought to perfection with the right accessories and suitable clothing options.
  • the neckline. This is one of the most essential and preferred aspects of the style, but you should not forget about balance and taste, why not choose too open top, if you are wearing shorts or a short skirt.

As for the color palette, this style allows you to choose any shades from bright to pastel tones. First of all, note the pink, red, white, yellow and blue. The pin up style is also known for using prints and patterns, starting with animal drawings, cells and peas to the flower and even fruit.

Thus, indicating the main components of modern pinup-wardrobe, we can talk about the following details:

  • The fluffy skirt. This is one of the main components for visual extension of the hips, which is very important for this style. However, if your hips are already three-dimensional, you better choose a pencil skirt with high waist and accents on it and various fitting parts that will be nice to emphasize the advantages of your figure.
  • The dresses. It is a thing without which the lady next style pin up, simply can not do. Here will suit a variety of silhouettes, from A-shaped to hug your figure variants. The emphasis on the waist is the most important. You can also create some color contrasts, using monochrome dresses and combining them with accessories, such as, for example, the combination of a tight black dress with a red floral accessory.
  • Tops & blouses with deep cuts. The neckline can be, for example, in the shape of a heart.
  • Jackets and cardigans. Cropped cardigan or jacket with one button is a great thing to emphasize your femininity more.
  • The shorts. You should keep in mind that in this case, the shorts should not be too short. You can choose shorts with cuffs or without them, but with big pockets.
  • The pants. What needs to change? They need to be narrowed at the bottom and extended top, creating volume.


Pin up accessories that you may require

Accessories are not less important than the clothes, and you should know exactly how to use them and what to combine. Here is a brief list of the major modern pin up accessories that you may need:

  • Gloves. They can be made of leather, textile or even lace and can have different lengths. It depends on the case. For example, you will need longer options for an evening out and shorter for everyday ensembles.
  • Shoes. High heels shoes and boots with an open toe can all be a part of your image, and you can even create shortcuts in military style with them, but in General, the tendency should be to the feminine and romantic sensuality.
  • Headband or scarf. A small scarf can be one of the most simple detailsoriginal image in the pin up style. You must have a small selection of some of the options that will be suitable for different images. You can also zamanillo on a broad-brimmed hat in the summer.
  • The tights. This is one of the most sensitive and important elements in the pin up style, again widening range of different styles and options.
  • The scarves. Fine silk scarves that can be thrown over the shoulders or tied around the head, can also be included in the list of the best modern pin up accessories.
  • The straps and waist. Such accessories needed to create some accents on the waist. You can use any types of zones, from narrow to wide.
  • Bags. As with any style, handbags are an important aspect of your appearance. You can choose both large and small ways, but what they should be anyway, obviously. And they should be with some retro hints. For example, you can choose oval or square shape with prints and bright colors.
  • Sunglasses. Finally, what you must not forget is sunglasses. Large glasses with the same large glasses are one of the most important parts of this style.

As for the hair in this style, you can choose such items as waves, they are more preferred in the style of the 50-ies. Studs and pins are also welcome. Gorgeous curls, styling with bandages and tapes or just straight hair with accessories will work on the desired image.

As for the modern pin up makeup, he must focus all the emphasis on the eyes with the participation of attractive long eyelashes. Vivid and memorable smile must also be present, i.e. select the appropriate lipstick.

And finally, if your immaculate and modern pin up image ready, why don’t you organize a photo shoot? It will boost your confidence and help you to feel like a real retro model.

These are the main aspects of the modern pin up style, which is one of the most iconic and striking elements of the popular fashion trends of all time.

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