увлажняющий кремHydration is required for any skin type. Our body consists of water approximately 75-80%, and the skin is the largest organ. Without enough water cannot normal functioning of the organism, but every day we lose a certain percentage of life-giving water that must be restored. The lack of water never goes unnoticed, but it is on the skin may be easier to notice dehydration. To prevent this and to prolong youth, it is necessary to regularly use a moisturizer that is selected depending on the skin type, time of year and some individual features.


Protection every day

Moisturizing cream should be used every day, because our regularly, the skin loses moisture, without which it is difficult for it to perform its duties. Quite a few days to spend without moisturizers, and the result would be, literally, is obvious. Dryness, peeling, irritation, redness is only superficial side effects dehydrated skin. If the experiment to continue or to apply a hydrating makeup haphazardly from time to time, the result will be worse. The skin loses its natural beauty, the process of age-related changes will be run before.


The principle of action moisturizer

The skin loses moisture constantly, but intensified this process with the active exercise, when exposure to the sun, and most importantly – when washing with cosmetic means for the purification that takes place at least twice a day. Moisturizing cream gives the skin a lost moisture and opposes its evaporation. Different creams can have different compositions, but the principle of their action is one – to treat as a longer period. Thus the many creams marked “hydration 24 hours”. These tools not only restore the moisture balance of the skin, but not with the help of special ingredients retain moisture inside, while maintaining the flexibility and elasticity in the day. But when you wash off the cream, right to put a new portion, not to give your skin dehydrated, providing a smooth, no wrinkles, elasticity and radiance.


The composition of moisturizer

Formula moisturizing cream more often include hyaluronic acid, which has no equal as possible to retain moisture, not allowing it to evaporate. Also in may contain urea, sorbitol, lactic acid, liposomes, glycerin, allantoin, vitamins a, C, E, provitamin B5.

Among natural ingredients often in creams with moisturizing effect include extracts of aloe Vera, grape, cucumber, camomile, peach, green tea, and other components of plant origin.

Oil is not always welcome in moisturizers, especially when the skin problem is the need for tools without the content of oils. But for normal skin, as well as for the category 25+ and especially for Mature skin oil in a moisturizing cream will not be superfluous. Do not be afraid that the oil content will make the tool greasy, sticky, it is poorly absorbed. In modern creams easily get along fine texture and nutritional formula.


Moisturizing cream for adolescence

In his youth, the skin has a tendency to greasiness, from what appears acne. Oily substance in this case is contraindicated, but the humidity cannot be neglected. For young skin until about twenty years suitable moisturizer or cream-gel with the content of vegetable extracts, zinc, salicylic acid, which regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, and with the effect of intensive moisture and matting.

Good choice: Dr. Young BB Cream, Garnier Light Oil Control, Garnier”s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream, Nivea Visage Young Control Shine, Vichy Aqualia Antiox, Ahava Time to Hydrate, Mia “Matting care”, “Pure line” series “Perfect skin”, La Roche-Posay Effaclar H with thermal water.


Moisturizing cream for young skin

For normal skin, which has already got rid of teenage acne and now the challenge is as much as possible to keep a youth and radiance, you can choose the quality of the cream from the effects of moisture 24 hours”. Of course, the cream depends on skin type.

Good choice: Garnier “Basic care”, Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation or a series of Soft, Aqua Effect, Givenchy Hydra Sparkling, Vichy Aqualia Thermal, Dior Hydra Life, intensively moisturizing cream Clarins HydraQuench Cream, Clinique Superdefense, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense.


Moisturiser for Mature skin

In adulthood, which comes to thirty-five to forty years, the skin with necessary richer texture creams with nutritional basis, but moisturizer still remains as the basis for daily care. At maturity the skin, which in his youth was a fat, may be dehydrated and prone to dryness, which inevitably leads to the emergence and strengthening of age-related changes.

After forty years, it is very important to switch to more expensive brands moisturizing creams, manufacturers who expertly combine in a single tool the effect of active hydrating, power lifting, bleaching, smooth, light toning and mandatory SPF.

Good selection of L’oreal Age Perfect, Olay Total Effect, La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream, Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift, Jean Klebert Hydrorose Cream, Lancaster Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Oxygen Moisturizer, Revitol Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream, Ahava Age Control.

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